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  1. same <3

    same <3
  2. Social The Smogon Photo Album

    Awesome bun pic. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin' huge, solid, thick and tight that bun can get. Thanks for the motivation.
  3. Battle Spot - Simple Questions and Answers

    Ah yeah, looks like that's it. I'll have to try without it and see if I actually run into enough of those threats to warrant the investment. Sidenote: Actually looks like the IV in Showdown was listed as 3 instead of 31 when I was checking the stats and that's why it was such an awkward number...
  4. Battle Spot - Simple Questions and Answers

    didn't even think about tailwind being the reason for using them, i'll have to look into that. thanks!
  5. Battle Spot - Simple Questions and Answers

    anyone know the reason suicune runs 60 spe evs? is there speed creep somewhere? looking at speed tiers it looks like that's more speed than it needs unless base 70/75s are running extra speed, and its not quite enough to outrun base 80s. seems like an awkward number but it's run enough on...
  6. Battle Spot - Simple Questions and Answers

    Thanks for the quick reply, appreciate it.
  7. Battle Spot - Simple Questions and Answers

    is there a place to find what ev spreads are most common among battle spot mons? or should i just assume almost always 252/252?
  8. NFL weekly picks or something

    that was a good week, 13-2, brought me up to T3 now to get my perfect week i regret missing those easy thursday games last couple weeks now
  9. NFL weekly picks or something

    lol everyone had faith in washington, pittsburgh, and atlanta not as bad as week 2 tho when it was 4 games everyone picked the same team and lost still can't believe how hard cousins shat the bed
  10. NFL weekly picks or something

    not too bad, missed a couple close games, hopefully i can put up 10+ every week romo's form this week may be something that'll keep me from picking dallas upcoming, plus i like the odds of locker vs dallas D anyway foles scares me, but eagles looked like 2 teams out there. then again so did the...
  11. NFL weekly picks or something

    gut pickin week one hail mary would be generic
  12. Thanks bud

    Thanks bud
  13. 3v3 Singles Metagame Discussion Thread

    I'm only at the 1500s in cart, I just used in-game Pokemon I hadn't bred for that haha -- sorry, I thought I had mentioned in my first post I was laddering on the sim (i just started playing 6th gen the other day haha, so i was trying everything out on the sim). I'm still finalizing a team...
  14. 3v3 Singles Metagame Discussion Thread

    I'm liking your spread farranpoison, I've been using it to some success today even though I didn't play a lot. King's Shield seems to work out really well, especially against Talonflame. It didn't lower Attack against an Earthquake though, so I guess it only works on contact moves? Still really...
  15. 3v3 Singles Metagame Discussion Thread

    Laddered for a while today while I was watching some streams to dabble in the meta, put together a team based on the discussion in this thread. Did alright, went 21-8 and hit 1737, so I'm not super good but I got some experience so I think it's OK. So far the teams I have the most trouble...
  16. Lifestyle physical health/fitness thread

    everything ok? this sounds bad. hospital find anything wrong with you / mri done?
  17. Lifestyle physical health/fitness thread

    i pretty much just listen to trap / hood anthems khaled / gucci mane / waka / sosa then some other hype stuff with like asap rocky and/or ferg / roscoe / yeezus / weezy / mmg usually sprinkled into every playlist for some reason is king kendrick and always my #1 motivator...
  18. Lifestyle physical health/fitness thread

    well everyone works traps with like shrugs and stuff but i don't think anyone works any of the other muscles, i'm not sure how important they are really or if you can make them more appealing / bodybuilding-esque like you can traps (which if you can't, would explain why to me at least no one...
  19. yo momma found dis dick offensive supahhotfiya.jpg gg

    yo momma found dis dick offensive supahhotfiya.jpg gg
  20. yo momma

    yo momma