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  1. Naruto (Spoilers ITT)

    To be fair though Hidans alive while everyone else in the Naruto world has been defeated including Shikamaru. The moon eye plan worked awhile ago, everything we're reading now is but the illusion that we want to see, how else would Sakura be useful?
  2. Media One Piece (spoilers!)

    Romeos hated so much by society that he doesn't need a large bounty for people to want to turn him in.
  3. Media One Piece (spoilers!)

    I don't want to just ignore the topic but, you guys do know the new chapters out right? Nothing about Romeos reaction to Lucy being Luffy? It's possible that he intended to win the fruit for luffy. He began his journey a year after luffy so he could easily have been inspired by his adventure...
  4. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    Frankly i don't see how it's worse than cherubi or whatever the prevo was called, if it were an inanimate object like a piece of wood I'd be concerned but this is fine. Watermelon actually was foreshadowed in the anime, and it's pretty much sure to have bullet seed looks to be a physical grass...
  5. Bleach Discussion Thread

    I can't really find it in me to blame kubo for this, zangetsu did look like bach, I just completely forgot about it and it didn't help that zangetsu didn't appear that way for hundreds of chapters, I thought it was a nice reveal
  6. Naruto (Spoilers ITT)

    I think the point of that scene was to show that despite the hell that they've all been through they're all still a team, and a strong one at that, Sakura expended the least amount of Chakra to do the equivalent of what Sasuke and Naruto did, and unlike them she can still theoretically release...
  7. Media One Piece (spoilers!)

    Those okama were pretty interested in Sanji and referred to themselves as women. It's a bit inconsistent but I had always thought of okamas as gays. Sanji temporarily becoming an okama was odd to me too though, maybe one of the members on the island had a devil fruit. Iva didn't seem the type to...
  8. Media One Piece (spoilers!)

    Nami sure but Robins old enough to be his mom, I really liked the chemistry between Luffy and Vivi. A real relationship should be give and take, and Vivi is the only female that Luffy ever got so upset that he would strike her. (Albeit this is probably because Robin was too far away). At the...
  9. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    I thought pokemon could get transferred but you had to pay a fine to prevent you from transferring overpowered pokes too early in the game. Or was that just a rumor?
  10. Media One Piece (spoilers!)

    My apologies, I forgot that the clima tact used dials, that was actually relevant Usopps use of dials however was not. Choppers first win was against Chessmarimo but I can understand forgetting a character like that (how he was able to stand on water though is still undiscovered). I won't...
  11. Media One Piece (spoilers!)

    I'm looking forward to what he does with Skypiea because right now it's his most useless arc. It introduced Zoros pound cannon moves, but that doesn't imply that that's where he learned them. Everything in Skypiea aside from the gold had no relationship with the rest of the plot. Even the dials...
  12. Naruto (Spoilers ITT)

    Is Naruto stronger than Pain now? It's hard to believe how much he's improved in his few months since Shippuden started for him compared to how little he actually learned in his 3 year time skip, if it wasn't for Bleach I'd say Naruto had the most redundant time skip ever.
  13. Media One Piece (spoilers!)

    The art is simple, detailed as it is it's remarkably basic. Unimpressive compared to Fma or Death Note or even compared to the other 2 members of the big three. Calling it underrated isn't really fair, it's rated pretty accurately. What's great about the art isn't the art itself but the...
  14. Pokémon Theories

    Maxie being Flannerys old man would be nice especially considering their hair, but if I recall wasn't it Team Aqua that really emphasized the Mt. Chimney scheme? Team Magma set up their base there but I only recall fighting Archie on the Mt since they wanted to stop the volcano. As far as...
  15. Naruto (Spoilers ITT)

    I think if Neji died in the kidomaru fight it'd have gone off better, Choji too but Choji at least had some significance in Shippuden as did the rest of the members of Ino-Shika-Cho, and besides that, the loss of Asuma would feel out of place if the team had already lost Choji.
  16. Media One Piece (spoilers!)

    I like Aldaron and all but I'm far more concerned about Oda, such a nice guy sacrificing himself and yet he still wants us to have our One Piece. I want to boycott One Piece, stop reading it until Oda decides to take himself a break
  17. Media One Piece (spoilers!)

    Odas such a good guy, as entertaining as it's been so far I want Dressrosa to end so he can take a well deserved break
  18. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    I disagree, there are multiple electrics that aren't fast most notably ampharos, there are also physical electrics on the other hand there are very few special normal types so while keeping the normal dual type of heli in mind its possible parabola charge is a physical move and this one will be...
  19. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    Still for it to have replaced confusion it'd need to have gotten 3 moves by level 11 which just seems outrageous
  20. Pokémon XY General Discussion

    It's fine for us, but what can actually happen in the anime for a gyro-evolution to work?