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    Announcement pictures of raccoons i found on instagram

    congratulations on the racoons (and mod) :sv/furret: :sv/furret: :sv/furret: :sv/furret: :sv/furret: :sv/furret: :sv/furret: :sv/furret: :sv/furret: :sv/furret:
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    Pokémon Kingdra

    Kingdra Typing: Stat Distribution: 75 | 95 | 95 | 95 | 95 | 85 Abilities: Swift Swim / Sniper / Damp (HA) Notable Moves: Draco Meteor Dragon Dance Dragon Pulse Flash Cannon Flip Turn Hurricane Hydro Pump Ice Beam Liquidation Outrage Scald Surf Tera Blast Waterfall Wave Crash Bold indicates...
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    Project Pokemon DLC 2 (The Indigo Disk) Thread Reservation

    Could I try Kingdra? Approved - Setsu
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    (announcement) no longer evil

    New Years slowly approaching: hello there
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    Resource Pet Mods Workshop Thread

    Pretty sure that some SudoKoodo would actually be completely impossible without the 1 free omission, or they'd be incredibly limiting. The omission is practically needed if things like this were to happen too.
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    Pet Mod Ironmons (Slate 4)

    :bw/kingler: Name: Meaty Claw (specifically based off of the Fiddler Crab) Original Pokemon: Kingler Type: Ability: Protosynthesis Stats: 119/123/61/61/129/77 (BST: 570) Paradox: Past New Moves: Sharpened Splinter*, Stone Edge, Stealth Rock, Power Gem, Sunny Day Removed Moves: Swords Dance...
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    The dumbest thing the AI has ever done?

    Was your Zoroark disguised? If so, that's a common pitfall the AI has to face, which is exactly why Zoroark/Zorua can solo things like Ultra Necrozma.
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    Pokémon Movepool Oddities & Explanations

    Beedrill definitely makes some sense to learn Cut. It could technically just slash its drill.
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     Evolved: Revolutionary Discoveries

    in (i think)
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    Pet Mod Beartic Phone

    me when all of the pokemon i contributed to are actually good (sorry ViZar)
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    Pet Mod Beartic Phone

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     Pokémon Fusions

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    Pet Mod Secret Santa: The Pet Mod

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    Pet Mod Roulettemons 2 (Now Playable!)

    None > Perish Throw > Rest
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    SV OU Time for a rework

    Pretty sure the ones with images attached are on the team, which are: :dondozo: :dragapult: :muk-alola: :hatterene: :baxcalibur: :corviknight:
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    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion v2 [Update on Post #5186]

    "over a small period of time.." This thread was made on the 30th of May this year. Almost 3 months so kind of fair. However, what I mean by "not giving a crap" is me saying that Kingambit and Terastal should have been banned. 'Nuff said.
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    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion v2 [Update on Post #5186]

    This really you, OverUsed? :zonger:
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    Pet Mod Roulettemons 2 (Now Playable!)

    Melthog: Yes Celenium: Yes Gladossal: No Solakin: Abstain Spirislash: No
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    Pet Mod Roulettemons 2 (Now Playable!)

    Goriander: No Buffly: No Skelloach: No Blastweed: No Anteigo: Yes