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  1. PootisMann Jr.

    Real Life Applications of Pokemon

    Anything with Rototiller would be perfect for farming
  2. PootisMann Jr.

    Pokémon Name Rater! [CLOSED]

    Rat Albert for Rattata/Raticate (it's the name I had for mine in LeafGreen)
  3. PootisMann Jr.

    Worst Pokemon Sprites?

    Gamefreak is forgiven T R I G G E R E D :mad: MOD EDIT: Please do not double post.
  4. PootisMann Jr.

    SPOILERS! "What Isn't A Pokemon Yet" Repository (+ Type Combinations & Super Forms)

    Why no Swordfish tho? (though I have an idea of it) And why no Blobfish? So you're telling me that Garchomp is a Dragon, a HammerHead Shark, and a Jet Plane all at the same time? (Now I have to decide between this or Hydreigon(#Hydreigonforlifetho))
  5. PootisMann Jr.

    Worst Pokemon Sprites?

  6. PootisMann Jr.

    Favorite Pokemon Cry?

    Just a Thread to post what your favorite Pokemon Cry is. (Preferably with a link to it) Mine is probably Exeggcutor
  7. PootisMann Jr.

    What would your custom avatar look like?

  8. PootisMann Jr.

    Tournament Gen4 PU - Resource Archive

    Why are people liking my application? :mad:
  9. PootisMann Jr.

    Nickname discussion

    I was once in a phase were I named my Pokemon really inappropriete stuff so when I caught an Exeggutor in Pokemon Sun I literally named it: "Eggjaculate". I have contemplated suicide since that day.
  10. PootisMann Jr.

    Real Life Applications of Pokemon

    Yeah I know it was dumb. It was just a random inside joke I came up when talking to my friends about Pokemon.
  11. PootisMann Jr.

    "Worst Pokémon Ever"

    Oh pffft, brain fart, I thought for some reason Koga's Pokemon had a Bug/Poison type move for some reason. But I still stand by my point on Alolan starters. Primarina was hated (but now praised for being hated). inceniroar is called a bad typing because it's not dark because appariently people...
  12. PootisMann Jr.

    Real Life Applications of Pokemon

    I am legitimately suprised noone has used the joke in an animation of the trainer smoking somethin g like a Vileplume head or Roserade hand
  13. PootisMann Jr.

    Best Luck in Pokémon

    Recently I saved before Fighting Kukui in Pokemon Sun and during the credits I had to go to school and accidently turned it off instead of putting it in sleep mode. So when I was fighting Kukui again I sent my Island Scan Samurott aginst his braviary because mine had ice beam and guess what, I...
  14. PootisMann Jr.

    Little things you like about Pokémon

    I really like the fact that you can get wild pokemon in Poke Palego. It's actually how I got my first pyukumuku.
  15. PootisMann Jr.

    SPOILERS! General Pokémon Anime Discussion

    Do you really need the other 9 when you have this beuty? Fine, if I get enough feedback I'll put the other 9.
  16. PootisMann Jr.

    Worst Pokemon Sprites?

    1st gen grimer, Just look at it: I even made a meme out of it:
  17. PootisMann Jr.

    "Worst Pokémon Ever"

    I nominate Chikorita Design: Horrible and Ugly. It looks like a deformed transgender potato. Stats: Meganium highest stat is def and sp. def, yeah, because bulk is something I want in the usually offensive starter. Movepool: Half of the moves Meganium learns are Status Gold/Silevr...