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  1. bombarrows

    CAP 20 CAP 20 - Part 9 - Art Poll 1

    Sgt.Moose paintseagull Yilx Very lovely art from everyone :+)
  2. bombarrows

    tf is the frost server, are you getting this too?

    tf is the frost server, are you getting this too?
  3. bombarrows

    ORAS Ubers Defensive Melodies

    This is (another) team I have been laddering with for awhile, as well as using in room tours. This team is probably my favorite so far, featuring some sets I feel are rather unique and take a fun approach to checking most of the meta. It is mainly defensive, but also has a great mix of offense...
  4. bombarrows

    ORAS Ubers Dynamics with Diancie

    When you first bring out Groudon, it's not Primal, so you don't take extra damage from SR. It doesn't make as big of a difference and gets more use out of that tiny bit of health. I prefer Calm Mind. It's definitely usable and I prefer not to give my opponent a turn to set up. Ho-Oh...
  5. bombarrows

    ORAS Ubers Dynamics with Diancie

    Hello, this is my first post here! I'll be posting my favorite team, all of which are named after Italian dynamic markings. I've been using it on ladder for a few days now and it's been working out super well. I hope that someone else will find something better or enjoy it too...
  6. bombarrows

    Xerneas [QC: 0/3]

    On the All-Out Attacker, I've been running 72 Atk / 252 SpA / 184 Spe. It makes you faster than most of the unboosted 252 meta, such as Kyogre-Primal, Dialga, Excadrill, and Ho-Oh. With 72 Atk, you have a really good chance to bluff Geomancy and use Rock Slide to 1hko Ho-Oh. 72 Atk Life Orb...
  7. bombarrows

    Ubers Salamence (Defensive) [GP 2/2]

    What about wish support?