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  1. Halo: Reach - Product Review and Discussion

    This exhausts itself pretty quickly. The superior option is this: All i can say is: Credit Limit REACHed
  2. Halo: Reach - Product Review and Discussion

    Happily. The main drive of all my gripes comes from my interest being in competitive games, something H3 was, something REACH isn't. Because of this I'll start with the most relevant aspect pertaining to me - Arena. Arena is a fucking joke. This stems from a couple of different things. The first...
  3. Halo: Reach - Product Review and Discussion

    this game's mulitplayer is nearly as badly made and worked out as MW2 im going to try out the mlg gametype when i can, which at least offers a glimpse of redemption, but other than that the mulitplayer is just really bad and does not build on halo 3 which it is far worse than. I'm really...
  4. Sturdy

    pessimistic or not supermarth this change is undoubtedly an improvement on what the old Sturdy did (nothing). I don't think it will be in any way metagame defining, and if it is the metagame will likely adapt fast, a simple shift in the popular leads should suffice. HP Fire Specs Abomasnow anyone??
  5. Inception (spoilers)

    I wish I was this eloquent because it pretty much says everything i wanted to say. I found the film OK but not nearly as good as everyone here/in the world made it out to be . I'll expand on a couple of points. The rules of the final dream were completely illogical - at times they made sense...
  6. CAP 11 CAP 11 - Art Submissions

    OldManDugan's entry is brilliant i love the character and the unique colouration of the design. Im really suprised this design has not got more love. i think its a really good envisioning of the design and the flavouring and...
  7. Gliscor (Update)

    what is the significance of the 40evs in defense on the first two sets? From what I can tell most "good" players use max speed, especially semi stall players who don't want to lose to the same set, in extreme examples, the taunt war can decide who outright wins.
  8. CAP

  9. StreetPKMN: Round 5

    god my route is getting hard. Ill be in touch.
  10. StreetPKMN: Round 4

    won vs krack in an extremely fast match with no influential hax.
  11. StreetPKMN: Round 4

    ill get in touch with krack
  12. Are there any decent platformers for the PS3?

    god of war3 even though ive never played it it looks incredible. i wish the xbox had this series.
  13. RMT - Team Semi Perfect Offense :P

    not jolly ones
  14. Metagross (Anti-Lead)

    because occa berry is usually the better choice and if you want to beat Heatran and the plethora of leads that run fire attacks and then explode on something its a neccessity. Its definitely worth considering.
  15. Metagross (Anti-Lead)

    zen headbutt is seriously worth consideration for its ability to ohko machamp and do a bit more to pert than eq
  16. You got sand where? -A Newbie's RMT

    honestly no, the pay off is negligible, whereas max speed can be the difference between a win or a loss. The choice is yours but trust me max speed is the way to go.
  17. Halo Reach (beta May 3rd!)

    got a gold emblem in arena pretty chuffed