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  1. mark6870

    CAP 34 - Part 3 - Typing Discussion

    Psychic/Fighting will likely not use Psychic Noise or Focus Miss as it's main STABs. Psychic Noise's secondary effect is simply not impactful enough on enough Pokemon to compensate for its lack of base power, and Focus Blast's base power doesn't make up for its inaccuracy. Although I said...
  2. mark6870

    CAP 34 - Part 3 - Typing Discussion

    Showing support for Water/Electric and Dragon/Poison. They both have solid offensive coverage, with the latter making use of solid neutral coverage with its stab moves. the following two types are meant for mixed attackers. Clangorous Soul enables mixed attackers by boosting our physical...
  3. mark6870

    CAP 34 - Part 3 - Typing Discussion

    I second the notion made by Amamama that because our item is a consumable and we're likely not giving it anything else to boost to incentivize Throat Spray, we're most likely just coming in once and attempting a sweep. Therefore, unless we go with Clangorous Soul, I don't think having a rock...
  4. mark6870

    CAP 34 - Part 3 - Typing Discussion

    ive had a sore throat ever since concept assessment and i could really use some irl throat spray right now STAB is perhaps most important on Psychic Noise and Clanging Scales, as the former's secondary effect is not strong enough to justify it as coverage and the latter is just not a good...
  5. mark6870

    CAP 34 - Part 2 - Defining Moves 1

    I believe there are ways to reign in Boomburst while still making CAP34 a viable Throat Spray user, dissuading the use of Specs, such as setting a limit on Speed and then making use of Agility + 3 Attacks or an ability such as Unburden. Still, as I said before, it would take up a substantial...
  6. mark6870

    CAP 34 - Part 2 - Defining Moves 1

    Torch Song's secondary effect does the exact same thing Throat Spray does (+1 Special Attack), except Torch Song can be repeated over and over. Torch Song makes Throat Spray useless on CAP34 when the whole point is to have CAP34 revolve around Throat Spray. Psychic Noise and Eerie Spell do not...
  7. mark6870

    CAP 34 - Part 2 - Defining Moves 1

    I like Psychic Noise and Clanging Scales and I am against Clanguorous Soul and Boomburst. Psychic Noise is an underutilized move already which is cute given the current concept, but the abilities are for our sweeper to shut down healing while also doing super effective damage to high value...
  8. mark6870

    CAP 34 - Part 1 - Concept Assessment

    What sort of roles does Throat Spray inspire in Pokemon? Are there any roles that have not been explored in the context of Throat Spray that may be worth pursuing? Throat Spray very obviously implies a special sweeper. It being a single-use stat boost has powerful implications on the right...
  9. mark6870

    CAP 34 - Part 1 - Concept Assessment Item Poll 2

    Throat Spray
  10. mark6870

    CAP 34 - Part 1 - Concept Assessment Item Poll 1

    Throat Spray Eject Pack
  11. mark6870

    CAP 34 - Part 1 - Concept Assessment

    Trick and Fling items are interesting because you have to justify using them over tricking a Choice item. Would this mean we need CAP34 to be useful itemless, or would we have specific targets we are trying to hit with Trick in order to get specific items? How would we incentivize getting said...
  12. mark6870

    CAP 34 - Part 1 - Concept Assessment

    What are some items that are pro-concept and have the requisite power to be used? Wide Lens (allows for the use of accurate crash moves such as High Jump Kick, possible synergy with abilities like Reckless) Punching Glove (Boosts Punch moves and protects from Static and Rough Skin) Throat...
  13. mark6870

    CAP 34 - Part 1 - Concept Assessment

    It might be worth considering both Items and Ability at the same time. From looking at discussions in discord and post on the forum, it seems as Abilities have the biggest interactions with our item, at least in this stage of the process. For example, someone would suggest Regenerator +...
  14. mark6870

    CAP 34 - Part 1 - Concept Assessment

    1. When do we want to pick our item? As the TL, I am in favor of picking it before any other stage, as that makes the most sense to let the rest of the process be informed by it. Item First. 2. What stages are most effected by what item we choose? Are there going to be differences to our power...
  15. mark6870

    CAP 34 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 2

    Collector's Edition
  16. mark6870

    CAP 34 - Part 1 - Concept Submissions

    Final Submission Name: Take Two Description: This Pokemon aims to fulfill a concept that was assigned to a previous CAP that said previous CAP does not. Justification: No CAP is truly a failure, but many of them turned out differently from what was expected. Be it through metagame shifts, age...
  17. mark6870

    CAP 33 - Part 15 - Flavor Ability Poll 1

    Hydration Water Veil
  18. mark6870

    CAP 33 - Part 16 - Post Play Lookback

    I havent been playing too much CAP or mons as a whole recently bc life stuff but i do like yapping so im going to yap and ask that you take what i say with a grain of salt Gouging Fire doesn't like this thing at all. While its bulk and neutrality to Cres's STAB mean Cres is never killing it...
  19. mark6870

    CAP 33 - Part 11 - Name Poll 4