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  1. A new generation of weather abuse

    really what about the first turn of the game? wouldnt you lead with kyogre in ubers? thats the only reason for reverse speed creep, its a lead situation not a non lead. nobody i know would switch in politoad to take a hit from a monster like t-tar, but they will lead with min spe politoad to...
  2. A new generation of weather abuse

    T-tar will be by far the best weather user. remember that if Gen 4s weather system remains the Slower auto weather pokemon will go first ninetails lowest speed is 212 politoads is 158 157 spe t-tar needs a - spe nature :( adamant 0 spe t-tar has 168 spe) however t-tar has many ways to slay the...
  3. Base Stats of New Pokemon

    i feel that teams will look like one of these kinds of teams 1. 3 dragons 3 steels! wheee! chomp will be brought back to STOP the DAS meta. chompy will be great in BW balencing OU pretty well against DAS 2 sandstorm/weather in general now then imagine the pain of kyogre kingdra now imagine...
  4. Tier List?

    ahh got it fimphym. Im used to making a MU chart and then from there the tierlist is created. so i figured a MU chart would help identify characters that needed buffs/nerfs/remain the same i agree with you though that perhaps its a wasted effort to continue. the time would be better spent...
  5. Tier List?

    you know what would be more productive than a random tier list? a matchup chart that way we know why each character is where they are and the problems in each matchup. the game's matchups are more important than in most game due to character varaity. to get the ball rolling i decided to start...
  6. Need a hand? - Fidgit discussion thread

    one little combo that is practical. throw>rapid spin. not as flashy or powerful as Grab > j.C > Doubleslap > Weak Snatch > 5B > j.C > 5B > f.5B > j.C > Doubleslap > Medium Snatch > j.C > 5C > f.5B > j.C > 5C > Rapid Spin but it gets the job done and is pretty easy to pull off.
  7. Pokemon Seminar - Maximizing Your Odds of Winning (August 14th, 2010)

    I took notes too.(note i missed a few parts due to network crashes) 3 parts to teambuilding 1-2 #-5 6 1=lead sets teams tone typically SR user to limit threats Pokemon 2 supports lead in fuction ant typing Ex smeargle-rotom Smeargle lays down hazards rotom blocks and is immine to...
  8. Tier List?

    only suprised by krillowatts placement because i have found his offense lacking however his turtle game is suprisingly good. i put him in lower mid tier above vita but below kitsonoh. if you play krillowatt like damdai does ryu. (strong fireball VS fireball characters and spam weak fireball/DP...
  9. NU Discussion Thread (Mark II)

    ] would you use alakazam in ubers despite mewtwo outclassing it? NU has about 20 viable pokes. despite all the pokemon in it. that being said there are very few strong special sweepers. some include sub LO 3 attacks espeon Nastyplot hypnosis ninetails scarf magmortar specs manetric and...
  10. Other FM titles

    pokemon type wild seems like (to me) SF with a amount of elements that only guilty gear has. looks cool. i would spend most of my time assist spamming though. what mechanic prevents players from spamming their assist?
  11. Worst match ups

    worst matchups in my opinion are vita v Argh because arghs cut dominates vitas wakeup game. his mach punch pressures vita along with args standerd presssure and his special antiair stops vitas crossup game. this leads to a boring match where vita does Nothing then punishes everything argh does...
  12. Port Forwarding

    stupid question how do i find my IP adress? thank you.
  13. 3v3 Japan Style Tournament - Round 1

    would like to sub... said in signups that i would sub if the tournament had only 64 spots.
  14. Japanese 3v3 Style Tournament - Signups

    well 6th sub isnt bad IN if 128 sub if 64
  15. Type Restriction Tournament - Round 1

    lost barely 1-0. gg
  16. CAP Battle

    hey zangeif was my main in super street fighter 2 turbo HD remix so i understood the concept of "getting in" and zoning. dodging fireballs along the way((though vatalimar reminds me more of vega than zangeif). i sometimes wish that vitalimars running throw (d,f+P) went through fireballs odd...
  17. CAP Battle

    i have mastered my B&B combos and how to punish various moves (ais insane reaction time allows me to see what i can "really" get away with) but i can't get out my super quickly enough. and i cant seem to get out of pressure except by random throws/crossups until i can master my super i will not...
  18. Type Restriction Tournament - Signups

    in for 128 hopefully...
  19. CAP Battle

    so all of cycolhms attacks are punishable? cool. thanks hail flame blast. hopefully i can get good enough to play online soon (5-6 hours a day of practice should help)