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  1. YouthBerry

    SM UU YouthBerry's Trash Minior Team Peaks #4 (1753)

    Intro: So some of you may know me, I've been part of the UU community for a while now! Back in ORAS, I originally came to fame for the OG squad with Weezing and Heracross. I've come a long way since then, I've built many successful teams that have led to success, I've learned that ladder is...
  2. YouthBerry

    SM UU YouthBerry's Salazzle Offence (Peaked #2 at 1758)

    Intro: This team is actually a rebuild of a highly successful team I built in UU beta during the Thundurus meta. That team had Thundurus over Salazzle, and actually peaked at #1 on the ladder before Thundurus got banned, and then Azumarill got the boot shortly after. I rebuilt this team shortly...
  3. YouthBerry

    SM UU YouthBerry Mega Gardevoir Offence (peaked 5th)

    Intro Hey UU, It’s YouthBerry here with my first Gen 7 RMT! This is a fun offensive team built around the Pokemon Mega Gardevoir. While others were pumped about drops like Mega Gallade and Mega Heracross and Mega Altaria, I was drawn to Mega Gardevoir. It’s combination of elite wallbreaking...
  4. YouthBerry

    Salazzle (QC 0/3)

    Salazzle QC: [0/3] GP: [0/2] [OVERVIEW] * Fantastic base 117-speed tier coupled with a high special attack stat and access to the move Nasty Plot allows Salazzle to function as both a revenge killer and a sweeper if it's checks have been removed. * Salazzle's Fire/Poison typing grants it...
  5. YouthBerry

    ORAS UU YouthBerry's Heat Squad (Peaked 19th at 1709)

    Intro Hey UU, Some of you probably know me as the guy who spammed a Weezing and Kyurem team for a long time (bulk up conk ended that team), or maybe you don't me and this is our introduction. Either way, welcome to my 2nd RMT and I hope you enjoy! Quick intro, I haven't really enjoyed the...
  6. YouthBerry

    ORAS UU YouthBerry's Bulky Offence (Peaked #17 at 1558)

    > YouthBerry's Bulky Offence < Introduction What is going on everyone, it’s Garlando here, aka as YouthBerry on Pokemon Showdown, and I’ve decided to make my first RMT to introduce myself to the community and show in detail the team I’ve created that helped me achieve top 25 on the UU...