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  1. Media itt: movie/film discussion - Beware Spoilers

    It's astonishing that nobody has brought up Django Unchained yet. It's the next Tarantino movie about an escaped slave teaming up with a bounty hunter to rescue his wife from a sadistic plantation owner and it looks awesome.
  2. Feminist Ryan Gosling Possibly one of the greatest things on the internet.
  3. Most important news of the year

    Silly macle, that's a horse. Edit: I'm an illiterate fuck.
  4. itt post things you dislike but other people love

    The Hunger Games trilogy.
  5. I'm currently trapped in a car with a cat

    Act like a dog. Dogs are the natural predator and if the cat sees you as one he will back off. Haven't you ever seen Tom & Jerry?
  6. t-shirts

    I have this shirt:
  7. Board Games: The Movie

    Set in America during the revolution, this gruesome battle has been forgotten throughout generations.....until now. The Americans and the British square off in a field in rural Virginia as the two sides plan the attack. American general George Washington devises an ingenious formation to send...
  8. Realm of the mad god

  9. Realm of the mad god

    I stopped playing a while ago. I don't like how the game is changing.
  10. A wild East Coast appeared!

    I felt nothing, but this post by one of my friends sums up my feelings about the statuses:
  11. Vader’s Well: the well about vadre

    Coolest supervillain?

    Postcards from Italy - Beirut.
  13. Zombie Apocalypse! (Now with Bad Posters!)

    #618 Get at me bitches.
  14. Postgame Final Fantasy V Postgame

    I'm still the best.
  15. What Kind of D&D Character Are You

    You Are A: Chaotic Good Human Ranger/Bard (1st/1st Level) Ability Scores: Strength- 14 Dexterity- 16 Constitution- 13 Intelligence- 17 Wisdom- 13 Charisma- 13 Alignment: Chaotic Good- A chaotic good character acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what...
  16. [Experimental] Final Fantasy V - Game Over!

    Fuck now I can't change the topic in #ffm.
  17. Modus Operandi

    That doesn't work because they live.
  18. Modus Operandi

    Pretty much, I would open an art show in this big building. When a citizen enters I would offer them a drugged drink. When the drug takes effect they will fall unconscious and I will take them into the studio. If they don't want a drink then I go all martial-arts and beat the shit out of them...