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  1. hawk1113

    Gen 9 CAP Updates - Smokomodo

    Flame Charge
  2. hawk1113

    CAP 31 - Part 7 - Stat Limits Discussion

    Was just about to post some big long rambly thing about how many Ground-type 'mons with EdgeQuake + Boost + Utility exist in the history of Pokemon, but Wulf's post kinda supercedes that now. Probably for the best, but it's a lot actually - this is well-worn territory, with some very viable...
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    CAP 31 - Part 5 - Threats Discussion

    What pressures us if it's able to get in? First let's look at offense: In terms of Physical Attackers, we can fish for +2s with Diamond Storm that will make it hard for all but the hardest-hitting, fastest, and most SE of physical attackers to brawl past us. With a single +2 and 'just okay'...
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    CAP 31 - Part 5 - Threats Discussion

    As a head's up - I agree with spoo that we don't actually know anything about CAP31's match-ups yet. While it seems obvious on its face with our ability + typing, the meta and movepools are diverse enough and well-documented enough this late in the SS era that we actually have a lot to decide on...
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    CAP 31 - Part 4 - Primary Ability Discussion

    Mirror Armor is 99.9% for Landorus, but does have some other upshot. While it's unlikely we'll be able to find a way to do it, it gives us the option to build this 'mon to switch in to Shadowball spam. The two Shadow-spammers in the meta (Dragapult and Blacephelon) don't care about having...
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    CAP 31 - Part 4 - Primary Ability Discussion

    I've come around on Neutralizing Gas after initially dismissing it as a bit of a meme. Astrolotl and Tornadus-T are two pokemon whose playstyles are largely dependent on Regenerator. Should we be concerned CAP31’s ability to switch into these two and deny Regenerator? Is being able to hard...
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    CAP 31 - Part 4 - Primary Ability Discussion

    As one of the few Analytic stans, I spent a bit of time crunching some numbers's tough. Overall, I don't think its the play. I hope this isn't too poll-jumpy; I'll fix it if it is! The theory on Analytic is that EdgeQuake is a pretty threatening attacking combination, so we expect to...
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    CAP 31 - Part 4 - Primary Ability Discussion

    Fair shot. Unaware is clearly a strong ability; Clef still uses it sometimes over Magic Guard, it helped Quagsire stay relevant even in OU/CAP metas in past generations despite its objectively terrible BST, and has kept Arghonaut at least somewhat relevant for 4 gens running. I worry that it...
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    CAP 31 - Part 4 - Primary Ability Discussion

    I want to start by explaining something I’ve tried to capture in prior posts and in Discord, since the question is here now: How much power budget are we willing to invest into our ability? Should we be worried about limiting ourselves for future stages or not being able to create a strong...
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    CAP 31 - Part 4 - Primary Ability Discussion

    I have a few abilities I want to suggest that haven't gotten a ton of press so far. First, some broad thoughts on our abilities. We need our ability to be powerful. I am not remotely concerned about "too strong" here (especially with PBond banned). We are a most likely physical ground type in...
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    CAP 31 - Part 3 - Concept Assessment 2

    Does a Ground type CAP 31 have any roles or niches that are obvious? Electric immunity, natch. More notably, CAP31 will not have a hideous 4x Ice weakness like Lando and Garchomp, meaning it can potentially stay in on Weavile with a defense boost from DStorm and could feel okay switching into...
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    CAP 31 - Part 2 - Typing Poll 2

    Rock / Flying Ground Rock / Electric Seems like the will of the people is to make the books and Torn very very dead with Rock/Electric. I am really worried about that typing in a world of Lando, Ferro, and Equilibra but we can't go wrong with any of these typings.
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    CAP 31 - Part 2 - Typing Poll 1

    Rock / Grass Rock / Flying Rock / Water Grass/ Ground Ground Rock / Fire Rock / Electric Grass / Fighting A great slate and tough calls - I think we're going to bend up wit ha very workable 'mon no matter what. In particular I was surprised to see how compelling the non-STAB options ended up...
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    CAP 31 - Part 2 - Typing Discussion

    Some Roles certainly appreciate STAB more than others, but the roles we were most looking forward to from concept assessment were Tank, Wallbreaker, Bulky Offense, and the like - less so a dedicated Wall, Utility 'mon, or Pivot. The primary roles (and Physical Sweeper too, which is a natural...
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    CAP 31 - Part 1 - Concept Assessment

    Sticking Q1 and Q2 together, since my answer to them ties together. As I looked upon the metagame rankings, I was struck that Rock type should be amazing right now. With Tornadus-T, Weavile, Astrolotl, and the Books everywhere there's plenty of targets for meaty rock attacks. In addition to...
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    CAP 31 - Part 1 - Concept Assessment Move Poll 2

    Diamond Storm Shadow Force Sacred Fire
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    CAP 31 - Part 1 - Concept Assessment Move Poll 1

    Jungle Healing Diamond Storm Thunder Cage Photon Geyser Shadow Force Wicked Blow Spectral Thief Sacred Fire
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    SPOILERS! [Crown Tundra!] List of Movepool Changes

    Bisharp losing Knock-Off may just completely kill its viability; having to rely on Sucker Punch and Pursuit is a bad deal and it didn't even learn something like Darkest Lariat or Throat Chop to make up for it :(. I'll be interested to see if Hawlucha wants Close Combat over High Jump Kick -...
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    SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword and Shield Datamine Thread

    Fair point although Quick Attack is sorta meh compared to Water Shuriken :p. Still it is a tool in the toolbox to be able to swap into taking neutral damage against many targets and a good thing to keep in mind for a more defensive (Bulk Up?) Cinderace.
  20. hawk1113

    SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword and Shield Datamine Thread

    This gen seems primed to make a big impact on OU and I'll be excited to test - I know people always say that, but seriously. Rillaboom: Grassy Surge is no joke, and it boasts more HP and speed than Tapu Bulu (at the expense of worse...everything else and no fairy typing). Rilla has several of...