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  1. Jolteon XVII


  2. Jolteon XVII

    Seasonal Ladder [July: Fireworks Frenzy]

    Guys, never use Shame That's move. xD Just don't... it doesn't even say what it does on the list, I feel like I got trolled haha. It's more like Extreme Suicide.
  3. Jolteon XVII

    General Introduce yourself!

    Thank you, sir.~ You've been a big help. I'll follow you to show my gratitude.
  4. Jolteon XVII

    General Introduce yourself!

    Thank you, for acknowledging me, sir! I really just want to get involved with the competitive side of things. I'm not sure where exactly I want to start, but I guess I'd like to sharpen my battle skills a bit more and eventually writing analysis for movesets and such.
  5. Jolteon XVII

    General Introduce yourself!

    Heyo, Smogoners.~ I'm not exactly new here, but I feel like I've been too withdrawn from PS and Smogon. I stopped coming for a while and I would love to try and get back into the swing of things. I'll start with a little information about myself. I'm 18, I'm from the east coast of the US, and I...
  6. Jolteon XVII

    Ask the Admins - Issue 10

    What would be you guys' wows and wonders of PS? Wows - things that just spark your interest. Wonders - something that just makes you ask a question; it leaves you mystified. Do these things contribute to y'all overall enjoyment and drive to comeback here?
  7. Jolteon XVII

    What's your ps name?

    What's your ps name?
  8. Jolteon XVII

    Ask the Admins - Issue 3

    This is a question for Zarel: Say there's a time when the server is restarted for whatever reason; it happens, modchat goes on, blah blah blah. I've noticed that every time modchat goes down people literally start praising you (the one and only Zarel deserves it :p). Do you feel your presence...
  9. Jolteon XVII

    The Player: Issue 2 released!

    Great work being done here indeed. I'm rooting for you Goddess Briyella. I'd love to know more about you, but not on a stalker type of level haha! ^_^