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  1. Im in GMT - 8

    Im in GMT - 8
  2. How about on Monday?

    How about on Monday?
  3. Counter that DW Pokémon - MkII

    Scizor @ Leftovers Ability : Technician EVs:252 HP / 252 SpD / 4 Atk Adamant Nature - Roost - Swords Dance - Bullet Punch - Bug Bite Sets up all over Latias, and uses Roost to heal when weakened. Latias also takes significant damage even from an unboosted Bug Bite, and can OHKO Latias. Scizor...
  4. Metagross (Life Orb)

    Life Orb ThunderPunch 140.5% - 166.5% to standard BulkyDance Gyarados - Still an OHKO nothing lost here. Life Orb Fire Punch 82.5% - 98.3% to Forretress - Almost an clean Ohko with Stealth Rock More coming soon
  5. OU Neck Punches and Laser Beams!

    Run a Scizor / Tran / Celebi Core for defensive and offensive potential Machqmp + Jirachimtheb add a Azelf lead to improve it. Only replacing 2 Pokes and making better movesets help a lot .
  6. Wow, I missed...[RMT]

    Run a T-Tar Lead 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 atk Chople berry Stealth Rock Stone edge Pursuit Crunch / eq / Superpower Can fit on your team better
  7. Metagross (Life Orb)

    This Metagross is used as a revenger orna way to remove special walls which may threaten ones team.If you or anyone would like dmg calcs with choice band and Life Orb I can post.
  8. Metagross (Life Orb)

    Haven't seen a Life Orb set for Metagross. . . Metagross @ Life Orb 252 Atk / 248 HP / 8 Spe Bullet Punch / Meteor Mash Explosion / Pursuit Earthquake ThunderPunch Reasons to be on site: - ThunderPunch hits most steels for neutral damage and also destroys bulky water which wall you...
  9. Pokemon Soul

    Yes example works will be added soon as I am finishing 3 example Pokemon , And will be adding the list of Pokemon shortly
  10. Pokemon Soul

    Pokemon Soul is a project which I have started, I am looking for spriters to help me. I will be doing the QC on them, moves and no. will be my main area, however I have many ideas that I can make to an extent but will be needing help. I am LOOKING FOR 5 QC members. There are 103 Pokemon...
  11. Hey Is this Shiv?

    Hey Is this Shiv?
  12. City of Armageddon (COA) OU RMT

    Thanks for your input I'll fix some things.
  13. Rate my Suicide-Bombing team

    Running Impish 252 /252 Def Tentacruel can deal with Mixape easily.
  14. Rate my Suicide-Bombing team

    ok then your team is very Mixape weak Close COmbat for Lickilicky and Snorlax Earthquake for metagross and Magnezone fire blast for Bronzong Shiftry
  15. Rate my Suicide-Bombing team

    Shiftry isn't goning to be outrunning much. You can't even revenge anything unless it's Gengar or Rotom-A.
  16. Rate my Suicide-Bombing team

    Ok. You see shiftry cannot simply be of any use. It is out run and OHKOed easily. Also unslash to extra moves. You should have what you use..
  17. Dragonite Sweep: A (Noob) OU RMT

    You outrun Metagross
  18. Rate my Suicide-Bombing team

    Run ScarfTar over Shrifty. It does what you mentioned and does it better.
  19. City of Armageddon (COA) OU RMT

    City of Armageddon (OU RMT) by Vanity This team has great synergy and has been working for me. Though despite a large Ground weakness it is very successful. I have maintained a 80% win record with this team. COA has great team synergy along with huge power. Steel Spirit - Lead Lum Berry...