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  1. CAP 3D Modeling Project

    At least in my opinion, that's a whole lot better. No other suggestions from me :)
  2. Policy Review Potential Updates For CAP Polling

    Apologies if it seems like my proposal is diverting attention from yours; in my opinion, it fell within the scope of dealing with edge cases that our current system has the potential to produce. As mentioned in my post, I'm fully on board with your original proposal. It seemed, however, that if...
  3. Policy Review Potential Updates For CAP Polling

    I had every intent of posting a thread on our polling systems in CAP but, since this is up, I figure I'll tack onto this one. First things first, let's respond to the OP. For the purpose of the remainder of this post, I'm going to assume that it's possible to get scripts working for whatever...
  4. CAP 3D Modeling Project

    The fact that it was anticlockwise wasn't inherently the issue; the problem is that the circular pattern pulls the eye towards the white space in the middle rather than focusing on the blobs themselves. What you've got now is definitely better, although it's still a tad too circular. Could you...
  5. CAP 3D Modeling Project

    My first impression is that it feels weird because it creates the impression of the lava tracing a circular, anti-clockwise path, which feels too ordered and not organic enough. The curvature of all the blob paths is basically consistent; they're changing in direction, sure, but their curvature...
  6. CAP 23 - PRC Applications

    Hi all. I've been around Smogon for a few years now and it was CAP that brought me in; assuming my memory of the sequence of events involved isn't failing me, I signed up during Mollux in order to participate in some of the polls. I was semi-active in Gen V NU, but haven't really had the time to...
  7. SPOILERS! Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Discussion

    I'm mildly optimistic about the "press A to enter buildings" thing. In the absence of grid based movement, I can imagine myself getting frustrated at accidentally brushing up against a door while moving and automatically entering it. Most 3D RPGs involve using an interact button to open a door...
  8. Pre-release Gen 7 Monotype Competitive Discussion

    Those who aren't fond of the Same Type Clause expansion might find it helpful to browse this Policy Review thread, in which the philosophy of forms is discussed extensively. I personally hated the change to tiering Megas separately when it was introduced; as far as I was concerned, a Pokemon was...
  9. CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 11 - Sprite Poll 1

    HeaLnDeaL Morghulis Falchion Integer Mova Sunfished FellFromtheSky S0L1D G0LD ThePsychoBear I love Morghulis' shiny colouring, but HeaLnDeaL's pose just won out; the lack of pose symmetry makes the design feel far less like a 2D object and makes it feel like it actually exists in 3D, which is...
  10. CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 8 - Moves Poll

    Do Not Include Moonlight Include Spikes
  11. Gen VII: Pokemon Sun and Moon Discussion MKII

    Strictly speaking, they're not 100% stuck. If physically biased Fire/Dragon Alolan Charizard and Psychic/Fighting Alolan Mewtwo showed up, a single stone would work perfectly well. Mega Charizard X becomes Alolan Mega Charizard, while Mega Charizard Y becomes classic Mega Charizard, and ditto...
  12. CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 7 - Art Poll 3

    Magistrum FellFromtheSky
  13. CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 7 - Art Poll 2

    Golurkyourself QxC4eva Magistrum thebangzats aXl Yilx FellFromtheSky Sunfished
  14. CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 7 - Art Poll 1

    Golurkyourself thebangzats Jackii Magistrum QxC4eva
  15. CAP 22 CAP 22 - Art Submissions

    Hey DJD, I love the concept, but I find the elongated head rather... offputting. It doesn't have to be completely spherical, but any chance of playing with the design to see if there's something a bit less elongated that you still like? That or perhaps elongate the rest of the body (particularly...
  16. CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 6 - Secondary Ability Poll 2

    Sticky Hold Aroma Veil Frisk
  17. CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 6 - Secondary Ability Poll 1

    Sticky Hold Mega Launcher Aroma Veil No Competitive Ability Frisk
  18. CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 6 - Secondary Ability Discussion

    Alfalfa, I'm wondering why you're heavily supportive of NCA, but questioning the first four of these abilities on the basis that CAP probably won't choose to use them over Natural Cure. Either you're right, in which case they're basically NCAs anyway, or you're wrong, and there is enough value...
  19. CAP 22 CAP 22 - Part 6 - Secondary Ability Discussion

    Hi Dgvhh. First things first, you might want to read up on the CAP process a tad more closely. The whole point of the secondary ability is that it should not overshadow the primary ability (see footnote for a historical point on this); any ability that would even come close to becoming the...