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  1. Catzzadilla

    Metagame Sketchmons

    Slaking @ Life Orb Ability: Truant Tera Type: Normal EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Skill Swap - Drain Punch - Double-Edge - Earthquake just dropping this here. food for thought. Slaking's movepool is decent too.
  2. Catzzadilla

    Metagame Pokébilities

    the 60bp boost that tera brings activates AFTER technician. I assume it would activate after punk rock as well, but I haven't seen confirmation of that yet. You can try tera ground mud slap roserade with and without technician, it will come to the same amount.
  3. Catzzadilla

    Metagame SV Ubers UU Metagame Discussion (Ditto, Lunala, Iron Treads and Terapagos Dropped)

    Are we going to have a "Heat Brigade"-style thread as well for discussion of experimental underdog sets?
  4. Catzzadilla

    Pet Mod MetaMons

    WOOHOOOOOOOO! YEEAAHHH, TAUROS! I'm so glad it won, it was my favorite sub I did, and I can't wait for it to be playable, those playstyles feel exciting and new! I'll touch more on them later though, overall good job everyone for the slate and subs, loved seeing what you cooked! Allright here's...
  5. Catzzadilla

    Pet Mod MetaMons

    :Tauros-paldea-blaze: :tauros-paldea-aqua: :tauros-paldea-combat: Catzzadilla (SV), PQRDG, woo :appletun: PQRDG, chemicalmines, Catzzadilla (SV) :Raticate-alola: Beebos, Catzzadilla (SV), PQRDG
  6. Catzzadilla

    Pet Mod VaporeMons - Slate 10 (Baxcalibur Suspect Test)

    Gonna keep this brief, just gonna say I enjoyed the roomtour, it was fun seeing everyone's different teams and playstyles! Some of the highlights I encountered were Last Resort Snorlax, Expanding Force Azelf, Misty Terrain Healing Stones Rollout Pivot, and Big Slapper. It's nice to see that the...
  7. Catzzadilla

    Pet Mod VaporeMons - Slate 10 (Baxcalibur Suspect Test)

    (sitting in a loungechair by the fireplace, with a top hat and monocle, sipping tea slowly and elegantly) Oh my, would you look at that? It appears the final slate of Vaporemons has concluded. Let's take a look at the results, shall we? (takes a glance at the results, then after a moment, sets...
  8. Catzzadilla

    Pet Mod VaporeMons - Slate 10 (Baxcalibur Suspect Test)

    Moves Topsy-Turvy (SV) Flying Press | Software Crash (SV) Ignition (HydreigonTheChild) Sugar Rush | Sugar Crash (Sigilyph Bro) Barb Barrage | Infernal Parade (The Damned) Items Vampire's Curse (SV) Inkay (SV) A Proper Topper (The Damned) Desert Rose (The Damned) Abilities Rising Tide...
  9. Catzzadilla

    SP Shared Power

    Woohoo! Shared Power is back! I've waited all year for this! Here's a team I put together this summer (pre-DLC) with synergy that I love so much! It could certainly be optimized, but at least this is a start! :heracross: :cloyster: :vivillon-marine: :basculegion-f: :kleavor: :maushold-four: It...
  10. Catzzadilla

    Pet Mod VaporeMons - Slate 10 (Baxcalibur Suspect Test)

    Here we go! The Final Slate! Huh. This was not what I was expecting to be submitting on the final slate, but I guess what comes to us in the moment comes and goes.
  11. Catzzadilla

    Pet Mod VaporeMons - Slate 10 (Baxcalibur Suspect Test)

    ok everyone hello!!!! its me!!!!! to all 0 people who desperately crave my opinions here they are anyway Moves :dwebble:ミ:hard-stone: :corviknight: : There were some things this slate on which I didn't vote not because I didn't like them, but because I voted based on what I heard/thought...
  12. Catzzadilla

    Project OM of the Month - Nominations Archive

    Shared Power, Tier Shift, Revelationmons, Fortemons, Category Swap
  13. Catzzadilla

    Pet Mod VaporeMons - Slate 10 (Baxcalibur Suspect Test)

    Moves Powder (SV) Misty Explosion (SV) Snatch (Yoshiblaze) X-Scissor (ChemicalMines) Tail Slap | Rock Blast | Pin Missile (PQRDG) Burning Jealousy (Ayecrusher King) Items Uno Reverse Card (SV) King's Coin (zxgzxg) King's Rock (HydreigonTheChild) Clear Amulet (Beaf Cultist) Abilities Stench...
  14. Catzzadilla

    Format Discussion Scarlet/Violet Random Doubles Battle Sets

    I don't think I've ever had or even seen Tatsudozo in Ranbat doubles, let alone even seen the two mons on the same team. Is this deliberate?
  15. Catzzadilla

    Headlines Algeria bans ‘Barbie’ movie

    hey how do I nominate this for post of the year I went into Barbie fearing that, and was glad to see that it wasn't the case, instead of being portrayed as a nuisance, men are understood and still represented well. It's a feminist movie, but not a misandrist one. Ryan Gosling's Ken is fantastic.
  16. Catzzadilla

    Pet Mod VaporeMons - Slate 10 (Baxcalibur Suspect Test)

    Ok, should at least sub some stuff before reviews kick in. Edit: rip reviews, it’s ok yoshi, happens to the best of us Slaking has coverage in Bug, Dark, Electric, Fighting, Fire, Grass, Ground, Ice, Poison, Rock and Steel. Its physical capabilities may be flexible, but that's nothing...
  17. Catzzadilla

    Pet Mod MetaMons

  18. Catzzadilla

    Project Metagame Workshop

    !data wonder skin So non-damaging moves that target the Pokémon have their accuracy reduced by 100%. This is like off-brand Good as Gold, that can't use the Good as Gold mechanic, patent or brand name because of copyright infringement laws