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     Picture Telephone Megathread

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    Didn't realize you were still active here at all. Hope you've been well

    Didn't realize you were still active here at all. Hope you've been well
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    Resource Pet Mods Submissions Thread

    Pet Mod Name: Ebb and Flow Pet Mod Concept: A metagame based around Gen 9 OU where everyone blindly introduces ONE change to an existing move, ability, or item. These changes reset every week and the process will repeat itself. Explanation: Those of you more involved with the community will...
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    Resource Pet Mods Workshop Thread

    kinda similar to some other pet mods / ideas that have been going around lately but i'll be pinging the people running those for their input in discord (needs a name lmao i've always been slower with this part) For every round of this mod, there will be a Blindsided-esque submission period...
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    You are a type specialist in a hostile region. How do you best represent your chosen element?

    Hope you guys are ready for the realest team imagineable. :wormadam-trash: :aegislash: :lucario: :gallade: :exploud: :kakuna: Have midgame teams been done? Because maybe this could a semi-real team if you devolve Exploud and Aegislash and then replace Gallade with like an Axew or something. I...
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    best stat

    they could still give it 363 base speed if they weren't a bunch of cowards
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    best stat

    Huh. Pretty cool results so far. We could definitely learn a thing or two from this. Like, for example... This is probably like the absolute best stat spread a Pokemon in OU could have on a legendary BST. Take notes, Game Freak.
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    (ROLEPLAY) Smogon High School - Signups Open

    me too. wahoo *jumps up and hits the ceiling (made out of bricks) to try and get coins, instead smashing a massive hole into it. it starts rumbling* oh shit not again *a sewage pipe breaks as water begins flooding the room* dude i can't believe this
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    You've talked about good and bad moments, but what about your weirdest?

    So a few years ago I was just Wonder Trading stuff after breeding on my Pokemon Sun cartridge, I'm watching the whole trading animation and I see I got a Bulbasaur. Cool. I look away and I hear Wormadam's cry, so a bit confused I look back down and see the Bulbasaur again. I know almost...
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    This is a question that gets asked a lot, but I can't really answer because we usually decide...

    This is a question that gets asked a lot, but I can't really answer because we usually decide not long before actually approving them. It depends on things like how many are already active at the moment, how many good submissions we think there are, how long it's been since the last one etc.
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    (ROLEPLAY) Smogon High School - Signups Open

    *Super Mario walks into the room* Hello everyone. It is I, Super Mario. I am here to request that everyone purchase a copy of Mario Kart Wii for their Nintendo Wii. I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you for your time.
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    (ROLEPLAY) Smogon High School - Signups Open

    ====APPLICATION==== Character name: Super Mario Pronouns: he/him Role You Picked: mama mia Pokemon: wahoo A little bit about yourself: see attachment
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    Pet Mod Natural Selection (Slate 1 Playtesting Phase)

    Thoughts! I haven't done calcs or anything so keep that in mind. :kingambit: This thing shouldn't be bad but I can't see it truly having the purely defensive role that was intended for it. It definitely would answer the more common Latios sets going around but it hates being burned or Dracod by...
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    Hobbies Splatoon 3 Discussion Thread

    I had no idea this game had its own thread lmao, practically is like the only thing I've been playing for the past year or so. Take everything I say here with a grain of salt. I played Splatoon 1 a lot when I was younger but completely skipped out on Splatoon 2 so this game is my first time with...
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    Pet Mod Secret Santa: The Pet Mod

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    Pet Mod Natural Selection (Slate 1 Playtesting Phase)

    Name: Iron Blimp Original Pokemon: Iron Hands Type: Electric/Flying Abilities: Quark Drive / --- | Motor Drive Stats: 104/100/118/80/68/90 (570) Movepool Changes: full movepool below Explanation: The day is dim and cloudy. Rain falls quietly for as far as the eye can see. Iron Hands exits his...
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    Pet Mod Natural Selection (Slate 1 Playtesting Phase)

    Hey! I know I'm not the owner of this mod, but roomtours are now over and I quickly wanted to paste usage stats... Pokemon Use Usage Winrate Win Count Kingambit 49 84.48% 51.02% 25 Iron Hands 49 84.48% 46.94% 23 Dragapult 42 72.41% 45.24% 19 Slurpuff 22 37.93% 63.64% 14 Ceruledge 20...