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  1. Luigifan

    Project USM OU Teambuilding Competition - Tapu Koko

    Just a question — will there be teambuilding core competitions in the future? Like, say, Mew, Dragonite, and Heatran?
  2. Luigifan

    Resource SylveMons Resources

    I've noticed a lot of Abilities being replaced or changed in the change log, such as Inner Focus vanishing from a lot of Pokémon. Does anyone recall the reasons for these changes?
  3. Luigifan

    Metagame Workshop

    Hey, um, you completely forgot to establish what any of this has to do with "partners".
  4. Luigifan

    Metagame Workshop

    Why the heck is this thread not stickied? Also, I have a proposal that is not remotely serious, and I'm bringing it up for the express purpose of having it be added to the Rejected Metagames list so as to avoid it being tried for real — Five More Minutes, Mom: every Pokémon has Slow Start on...
  5. Luigifan


    I have a couple of questions to ask about this Pet Mod: Do different formes of a single Pokémon (such as Midday, Midnight, and Dusk Lycanroc) have separate Ability slots, or do they all get the same 4 Abilities? Is the creation of brand-new Abilities that are not identical to existing...
  6. Luigifan

    Bench Abilities

    Doomsday Clock, Fertilizer, Surround, Scare (SV), Threaten (SV)
  7. Luigifan

    Pet Mods General Discussion Thread

    I came up with a potential balance tweaks thread at the Orange Islands. It got locked for "wishlisting", but DrPumpkinz suggested that I propose it as a pet mod- ...oof. Well, if my experiences on CAP are any indication, I can't even breathe on this website without pissing someone off, and...
  8. Luigifan

    Suggestions for Pokémon Showdown

    So, the web address should be functional on mobile browsers (unlike, say, non-YouTube Flash videos and games)?
  9. Luigifan

    Suggestions for Pokémon Showdown

    Hey, I was wondering if it would be possible to make an iOS Pokémon Showdown app.
  10. Luigifan

    Ummm... huh? What job are you talking about? (I do enjoy reading The Dark Id's LPs; they're...

    Ummm... huh? What job are you talking about? (I do enjoy reading The Dark Id's LPs; they're hilarious.)
  11. Luigifan

    Your Favorite Theme in Pokemon?

    I’d have to say my favorite is Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem's theme — which is odd, because I hated it when it was first revealed. It took me time to appreciate how it calls back to earlier Pokémon themes (most prominently the RBY Route 1 theme) and the way its intensity rises and falls...
  12. Luigifan

    Goddamnit, is there anything I can do on this site without breaking some sort of rule?!

    Goddamnit, is there anything I can do on this site without breaking some sort of rule?!
  13. Luigifan

    Nickname discussion

    My nicknames are usually terrible puns or on the nose, such as Dragonlite the Dragonite or Hotfoot the Groudon, though I have also come up with clever ones, such as Galapagos the Torterra, Forblaze the Reshiram, and Soma Cruz the Yveltal.
  14. Luigifan

    What would you modify if you had control over the Pokémon franchise?

    The subject of this thread is exactly what it sounds like — a wishlist for changes to various aspects of Pokémon battles. By "modify", however, I don't mean introducing brand-new Pokémon or moves; I mean tweaking the properties of existing moves, Abilities, held items, and other such things for...
  15. Luigifan

    Wait, why can't I view the CAP forum...?!

    Wait, why can't I view the CAP forum...?!
  16. Luigifan


    To me, the mind is the connection between the brain and the soul.
  17. Luigifan

    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    You have just provided the answer to "Why do people use Pokémon Showdown?".
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    I have occasionally wondered what the point of the advancement of civilization is when the heat death of the universe will eventually render it all moot.
  19. Luigifan

    CAP 25 Final Products

    I flat-out got myself banned there, you got off lucky. (I still want to compare and contrast the CAPs I came up with to the official ones, by the way.)
  20. Luigifan

    Resource SM OU ULTRA Cores v2

    Excuse me, but how the heck does Slowbro check Greninja?!? Psychic vs. Dark is designed to end very poorly for the Psychic-type!!!