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  1. greilmercenary9

    Resource SV BSS Viability Rankings (Regulation F)

    Re: Overqwil: The kind of set that Overqwil has mostly been running is an evasion booster with Minimize and Substitute (both over 50% usage on Overqwil) that has the advantage of being immune to Poison status and by extention Toxic Spikes. On this type of set, the evasion booster generally wants...
  2. greilmercenary9

    Sports Smogon Fantasy Football (NFL): 2023 - 24 Season

    If there's still a spot somewhere, in for any league.
  3. greilmercenary9

    BSS Calm Mind Cresselia (QC 1/1) (GP 1/1)

    Overall this looks very well done. I would only add extra clarifying notes in a few places: First, I think an additional mention on Stored Power should go specifically to Heatran, especially on cart where timer could be an issue if you're set up against it but down on Pokemon count. Moonblast...
  4. greilmercenary9

    BSS Thundurus-T

    For the most part everything looks good. However, it's worth noting when deciding between options like Tera Water and Tera Ice that Tera Water has the superior general defensive application, but that it has a major drawback in that it does not remove Thundurus-T's weakness to Iron Bundle's...
  5. greilmercenary9

    BSS Ursaluna

    Okay, I'm finally getting around to taking a look at this. So here we go: The Wallbreaker set mostly looks good. I'm not sure I think Protect should be in the first slot on Move 4 over options like Play Rough or Ice Punch, but I think you can make a fair argument for it at least, and it...
  6. greilmercenary9

    Resource Battle Stadium Singles Sample Team Thread

    This is a basic offense team that I used during June. Peaked at 1974 Elo, finished at 1908 Elo (406th place for the season). It could probably stand to be refined a bit, but it is nevertheless fairly effective, although like any team it can struggle against some specific combinations. A decent...
  7. greilmercenary9

    Forretress (QC 0/1)

    I've fought several Forretress on cart recently, so I can chime in with some help here. Defensive Support Set: For the moveset: Iron Defense should be above Rapid Spin, not only due to usage but because it better synergizes with this set's focus. Rapid Spin is reasonable if pairing with a high...
  8. greilmercenary9

    BSS Battle Stadium Singles 2022 Invitational [won by: zaaya!]

    Won in 4 in a really good set vs Luisin, ggs!
  9. greilmercenary9

    BSS Battle Stadium Singles Masters IV - Round 9 (Losers Finals)

    Kinda-sorta "won" a weird set on account of rain, thanks to Mishi for being very gracious about everything though.
  10. greilmercenary9

    2022 Cartridge Scores

    While I certainly didn't blow the top off of the ladder in the last month of 8th gen, I did log another Top 1k month on very solid time/game count efficiency, so I'm quite happy with the result. While this generation has been a bit rough at times, I'm proud to have kept a long streak of...
  11. greilmercenary9

    BSS Battle Stadium Singles Masters IV - Round 6

    Won a close set in 3 vs Fluore, ggs
  12. greilmercenary9

    BSS Battle Stadium Singles Masters IV - Round 4

    Won vs pinorska in 2, ggs
  13. greilmercenary9

    BSS Battle Stadium Singles Masters IV - Round 2

    Won in 2 against Mishimono, ggs
  14. greilmercenary9

    We're playing for BSS Masters. Let me know what times work for you and I'll do my best to...

    We're playing for BSS Masters. Let me know what times work for you and I'll do my best to accommodate. Best regards.
  15. greilmercenary9

    2022 Cartridge Scores

    I decided to invest a bit more time to send off Series 12 even though it wasn't necessarily my favorite format ever. The result was kinda mediocre for the time investment, but was nevertheless a decent finish to close out the series.
  16. greilmercenary9

    (Series 12/14 SS) Tyranitar (QC 1/2)

    So I guess this is the next stop on this week's project of make sure there aren't any more analysis threads hanging in limbo with 1 QC check that isn't mine already. Like with Darm-G earlier this week, Tyranitar is not really my most used mon, but I do have more than ample experience to give a...
  17. greilmercenary9

    Battle Spot Darmanitan-Galar (Series 12)

    So I saw that this never got a second QC check (apologies for missing that, although admittedy G-Darm is not my own most used Pokemon ever). Honestly, this pretty much looks good to go already, but there are a couple of minor things you can add: 1. On the first set, U-turn deserves 3rd billing...
  18. greilmercenary9

    2022 Cartridge Scores

    Still a little annoyed that this is cutting into my Three Hopes time, but another month of decent enough efficiency I suppose.
  19. greilmercenary9

    2022 Cartridge Scores

    I guess I can stop playing Three Hopes for a bit to post my results for last month...