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  1. Wyverii

    Yep it was pixel art of Valerie from Yomi/Fantasy Strike.

    Yep it was pixel art of Valerie from Yomi/Fantasy Strike.
  2. Wyverii

    CAP Prevo - Nohface - Art Submissions

    Heyo the creator of the original sprite and design here! Since the sprite itself hides a lot of the frontal features I'd thought I'd pop in and clear up some details with aspects of the design as I envisioned: -No tufts on the feet. -The connection at the base of the tail is thinner than the...
  3. Wyverii

    CAP 24 CAP 24 - Part 10 - Sprite Submissions

    Final Submission
  4. Wyverii

    CAP 23 CAP 23 - Name Poll 3

    Pajantom Lucidra Dracoma
  5. Wyverii

    CAP 23 CAP 23 - Part 10 - Sprite Submissions

    Final Submission
  6. Wyverii

    CAP 23 CAP 23 - Part 10 - Sprite Submissions

    Added hat rim and altered hat on ghost. Added swirl to the arm fire and shortened it to avoid intersecting the spine. Altered face and hat on the baby. Altered tiny swirls on elbow and tail a little. I like the sandman idea for the colouration, but the bluer shinys ended up way more popular so...
  7. Wyverii

    CaP Prevos - Rebble & Bolderdash - Sprite Submissions

    Added a little bit of texture to the middle form's head so it lines up with the other two better.
  8. Wyverii

    CAP 23 CAP 23 - Part 10 - Sprite Submissions

    Got the sprite within 16 colours (including transparency) and put it in a threatening posture with claws forward to try and accent its high atk. I'm overall happy with this pose except for the ghost's hat which is in an awkward position so it doesn't cover up the baby dragon. Included is a quick...
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    CAP 23 CAP 23 - Part 7 - Art Poll 4

  10. Wyverii

    CAP 23 CAP23 - Part 7 - Art Poll 3

    Quanyails DougJustDoug Reigaheres
  11. Wyverii

    CAP 23 CAP 23 - Part 7 - Art Poll 2

    DougJustDoug Quanyails Pipotchi Magistrum Reigaheres Yilx thebangzats
  12. Wyverii

    CAP 23 CAP 23 - Part 7 - Art Poll 1

    DougJustDoug Quanyails Magistrum Pipotchi Reigaheres Yilx Blue Frog Darklatias92 FellFromtheSky SilvanRaptor Golurkyourself Sunfished thebangzats HeaLnDeaL Birkal W0rm
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    CAP 23 CAP 23 - Art Submissions

    Retooled Jack-in-the-box ghost from CaP7. Back from the graaave!
  14. Wyverii

    Sticky X/Y Sprite Project

    That wingflap is way more complex than most flying sprites but whatever, it's gorgeous. Do the back and we'll ship it Harrie.
  15. Wyverii

    Sticky X/Y Sprite Project

    That's lovely Harrie, sadly I left the animation rather rough on purpose. Gen 5 Pokémon tend to have very few completely redrawn frames and use stretching and rotating quite extensively. Feel free to up the rate from 10 to 6 though if people feel it's better. I personally thought it was too fast...
  16. Wyverii


    Bred an Inkay with a male Slowking with Nasty Plot. It does not learn Nasty Plot as an egg move.
  17. Wyverii

    Gardevoir, Kirlia, and Ralts

    Adding onto Raseri's TM list for Gardevoir: TM15 Hyper Beam TM16 Light Screen TM33 Reflect TM42 Facade TM48 Round TM52 Focus Blast TM68 Giga Impact TM77 Psych Up TM85 Dream Eater TM87 Swagger TM100 Confide Ralts and Kirlia get the same TMs as Gardevoir, except for: TM15 Hyper Beam TM52 Focus...
  18. Wyverii


    Remaining TMs from a full list: TM06 - Toxic TM10 - Hidden Power TM11 - Sunny Day TM19 - Roost TM21 - Frustration TM32 - Double Team TM40 - Aerial Ace TM42 - Facade TM44 - Rest TM45 - Attract TM48 - Round TM51 - Steel Wing TM62 - Acrobatics TM67 - Retaliate TM75 - Swords Dance TM77 - Psych Up...