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  1. DiannieRatson

    Tournament UUFPL IV - Chapter 4 : The Conqueror

    First blood for golden point xd T10 my hawlucha could have swept but then I remember I need to KO with Sinister Arrow Raid. So I sacd the Horse and then Turn 13 is when it KOed Dnite spamming ESpeed fsr...
  2. DiannieRatson

    The World Cup of Pokémon 2024 - Qualifying Signups ONLY

    Player Name: DiannieRatson Country / Region of Residence: Philippines / Asia Other Eligibility: None
  3. DiannieRatson

    Signups NUPL XII - Player Signups [USE THE FORM] [Custom Avatar Prize]

    User name: DiannieRatson Tiers Preferred (not binding) SV, SS, SM, ORAS, BW, DPP, ADV, All Timezone GMT+8 Availability: Exams some time in last week of May
  4. DiannieRatson

    Tournaments France vs The World - Signups

    Player Name: DiannieRatson Region: World Formats played: DPP UU, DPP Ubers, DPP OU Are you interested in captaining?: No Forseen inactivity: None
  5. DiannieRatson

    Im on main now as DiannieRatson

    Im on main now as DiannieRatson
  6. DiannieRatson

    Tournament UUFPL IV - Chapter 3 : Heroes of Might and Magic

    Claiming Golden Point My negative rng continues xd. Opp Azumarill crit twice in a row...anyways Features Arc-H Heracross Sunflora and Rotom-W...
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  8. DiannieRatson

    I have other tours so I prefer to play this asap. Does tomorrow works? Im GMT+8 so it would be...

    I have other tours so I prefer to play this asap. Does tomorrow works? Im GMT+8 so it would be Tue10am+8/Mon 10pm-4
  9. DiannieRatson

    Tournaments DPPPL IV - Player Signups [Custom Avatar Prize] [Auction April 21st @ 10 AM GMT-7]

    Username: DiannieRatson Timezone: GMT+8 Tiers played: DPP UU, DPP NU, DPP PU, DPP Ubers, DPP Ubers + Farceus, DPP OU Forseen inactivity: Exams sometime in first and last week of May
  10. DiannieRatson

    Project SV PU Research Week

    There is a way. In the SV UU RW, we did something like this. You could use the Quote tagging feature to reply to other's post and comment about it. In case you don't know how the Quote works, you could just click Reply in other's posts then edit it out to point out which statement/s you want to...
  11. DiannieRatson

    Tournament UUFPL IV - Chapter 2 : To Forge A Dynasty

    This golden age quest looks tough...but anyways I managed to do it though. T1-T4 Sloppy Smeargler used Fake Out Protect Endure Memento T5-T11 Milceryangelo IV stayed! And won vs a 1146 opp Let's gholdenGo...
  12. DiannieRatson

    Tournament PUBD I - Semifinals [Tiebreak at post #28]

    I had time again to write some commentary from what happened in the GSC PU games this week so here we go… Bee vs Corvere There are many notable things in this game. Some might just see this game as like “nah bee just haxxed coz there were 2 frz and crits etc.” But this game can be seen as...
  13. DiannieRatson

    Tournament RUPL XI - Player Signups

    Name: DiannieRatson Tiers NOT played: Tiers preferred: ORAS/SV Time Zone: GMT+8
  14. DiannieRatson

    Tournament UUFPL IV - Chapter 1: The Rise of FPL-kind

    Claiming Golden Age point for the Golden Age quest Check turn 12 xD I think it needs some speed and spdef to surprise zapdos xd. Metagross in this team has been zapdos' opportunity to volt switch or click...
  15. DiannieRatson

    Tournament ZUWC I - Signups

    Player name: DiannieRatson Country / State of Residence: Philippines Other Eligibilities: None Interested in Captaincy: Maybe
  16. DiannieRatson

    Aight ill log on smogtours

    Aight ill log on smogtours
  17. DiannieRatson

    Tournament PUBD I - Semifinals [Tiebreak at post #28]

    This is not a GSC PU matches prediction post but I just feel like I wanted to write this one and post it here. This is more like an analysis to help those who are watching the GSC PU games to have a different perspective and I guess deeper understanding on the tier. I guess I already took...