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  1. Seven Deadly Sins

    Any names I would recognize (from 2010-2011ish) still hanging around?

    oh yeah i'm here maybe i should post ever hi, glad this place still exists and didn't implode or something, and i'm glad they made a pokemon game that's fun and awesome and makes me enjoy the series again. way more people i recognize than i expected too tbh
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    The Next Generation of Quality Control

    With significantly scaled back responsibilities for QC, we wanted to scale things back to a much smaller QC group. A number of criteria were used, including both public (C&C posts) and private (internal QC messaging) communication. Obviously with a smaller team there will be significantly...
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    The Next Generation of Quality Control

    At the beginning of a generation, C&C always has issues dealing with the influx of new users, and often it means that we overcompensate for some of those issues. The past C&C term has seen the size and scope of QC balloon far past its original intention, and it's about time we bring QC back to...
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    Cool. I'm online, so hop on whenever.

    Cool. I'm online, so hop on whenever.
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    Lucario (QC 0/3)

    aaa this is a thing Will implement stuff this weekend. Busy + sick + forgetful.
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    (QC 0/4) Toxicroak

    Things of note here: You slashed Gunk Shot. This makes NO sense. One of the few reasons that you really want to use Toxicroak is its heinously powerful Poison STAB that makes it a terror against Fairies like Clefable. Slashing Gunk Shot means you lose one of the most significant selling points...
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    Shuckle [QC 0/4]

    I'm not sure where to start. Checks & Counters lists Taunt as top bill when the only actual set has Mental Herb as an unslashed option. You go out of your way to mention that Trick is bad because of your low speed, and not, you know... because it locks you into what is likely a useless support...
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    Prove (through activity) that you can be a respectable, intelligent, consistent contributor of...

    Prove (through activity) that you can be a respectable, intelligent, consistent contributor of comments and improvements for other analyses.
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    The OU Quality Control Team

    The Quality Control (QC) Team The Quality Control team is responsible to ensure every OU analysis is up to the high standards Smogon expects for its content. These analyses are being viewed by thousands of individuals across the world, so a high standard of quality is necessary. If the QC team...
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    Lucario (QC 0/3)

    Brainfart, thanks. Fixed.
  11. Seven Deadly Sins

    Lucario (QC 0/3)

    Things to note: Team Options needs fleshing out with actual Pokemon to do the things listed. Checks & Counters may need some work, I borrowed a bit from the original analysis pre-takeover.
  12. Seven Deadly Sins

    Lucario (QC 0/3)

    Lucario Overview ######## Mega Lucario ban hurts viability seriously Still has important tools Steel a more useful attacking type, but less good defensively- can't switch into dark attacks as easily, no ghost resistance Extremespeed out-priorities Gale Wings, so Lucario is a Fighting-type...
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    Espeon [QC 2/3] [ON HOLD]

    After talking, this analysis will be reassigned. The glaring points to note: Set spacing: The extra spaces between lines will foul up the SCMS, so that's a big no-no. This should be obvious, since literally no other analysis does it this way, so red flag there. No content: Everything is so...
  14. Seven Deadly Sins

    Espeon [QC 2/3] [ON HOLD]

    After some deliberation amongst QC leaders, this analysis has enough flaws that we're putting it on hold until a decision can be reached regarding how to handle it. This thread will be locked until a decision is made as to how to proceed (which should take maybe a couple of days tops). Just hold...
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    This is being reassigned. Fuzznip: can you update the index?
  16. Seven Deadly Sins

    Staraptor [QC: 1/3]

    This is being reassigned. Fuzznip: can you take care of that in the index?
  17. Seven Deadly Sins

    Sableye [QC: 2/3]

    While I appreciate the effort put in, I'm afraid that this is simply not up to standards. There are a lot of issues (and not just "typos made in haste" though the fact that you chose to simply acknowledge them instead of fix them is questionable) that make it unfeasible to let this go on...
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    [OU] Breloom (small changes to 2 sets)

    Updated. Need one more.
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    Generation 6 Analysis Format

    This is neither accurate nor germane to this thread. Moves go in moves, but nothing stops you from referring to unslashed moves in the Set Details section (since referencing earlier sections of the analysis is acceptable), so if a certain unslashed move makes an EV spread or item exceptionally...
  20. Seven Deadly Sins

    Excadrill [QC 0/3]

    I talked this over with PK Gaming, and we've come to a decision on this. Unfortunately, it looks like this was a bit rushed, and the results are seriously flawed. PK and SMB spent a lot of time going over the issues in this analysis, and unfortunately at the end, things felt like they were too...