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  1. tawp64

    Tawp's Troll Team

    My team wasn't built around trolling, but it ended as a total troll. The team works fine, but occasionally I am swept, so I need a little help. So here's the team building. Conkeldurr was a reliable team member, so I decided to use it as the team's base. Along with that, I needed something to...
  2. tawp64

    Piracy and Illegal Downloads

    Earthbound Zero cart...well, I actually got it for Christmas.
  3. tawp64

    Favorite board game

    YES. Too bad I never DON'T want to play videogames.
  4. tawp64

    Petyr's offensive team 2!!!

    Just a suggestion, I think Dragonite outclasses Mence in gen 5, due to Multi-Scale. With DDance, Roost, DClaw, and EQ then you have a sufficient sweeper. It's much bulkier, making set up easier.
  5. tawp64

    hardest boss

    I actually had trouble with Grodus (or whatever he's called). I don't recall how it happened, but I lost both my Life Shrooms on him and I had no trouble with the Shadow Queen. But it's been years since I played that, so I don't know. In todays standards, the last bosses in Sonic 2 destroy me...
  6. tawp64

    O.o Mushroom status...Ness had it once and killed Paula and Jeff...then he bashed himself to...

    O.o Mushroom status...Ness had it once and killed Paula and Jeff...then he bashed himself to death...I fear you. Lol
  7. tawp64

    [Gen 4] Big, Bulky, and in your face

    Just a small nitpick, but on Bulky DDance Gyara I'd suggest Bounce over SE. You get a free turn of Leftovers, and it hits Celebi for SE. Everyone else (other than Azelf) already has something to hit flying types SE, so there really is no point.
  8. tawp64

    Create Your Own Adventure - Comic

    Call the Police! Looking for clues would make it seem like you only find a clue. I want more action! Lol, sorry but I cracked up when I saw it was Dawn. These are great, keep it up!
  9. tawp64

    Dude that avatar is hilarious lol.

    Dude that avatar is hilarious lol.
  10. tawp64

    lol Join now

    lol Join now
  11. tawp64

    Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen In-Game Tiers

    Another Pokemon that's underrated is Mr. Mime. Substitute, Magical Leaf, and Psychic help a lot. Good speed and special stats, and has sound-proof for roar.
  12. tawp64

    5th Gen Concept Theoreymoning

    Well, whenever I try it it is always not useful later on. Aero used to usually have some use late game. But only Archeos can do something late game, and troll freak decided to deprive it of SR.
  13. tawp64

    5th Gen Concept Theoreymoning

    Air Lock is a good thing, or just a weather abuser. However, I think we should make a perfect SR lead. Considering that Aerodactyl dosen't work anymore, and Gigaisu is really slow etc. Something like this could also carry the spikes, and taunt. Preferably fast, and able to stop other leads as...
  14. tawp64

    Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen In-Game Tiers

    Lapras is actually pretty good. It gets ice beam at 31, it's incredibly bulky, a reliable surfer (at perfect timing) and well rounded stats. 25 isn't too bad, atleast not as bad as Dratini for example. Not to mention that it basically covers it's weaknesses. For example, in game about the only...
  15. tawp64

    Double Dragon! RMT

    Hey thanks for the rate! My answer to scarf abomasnow is mainly Roobushin (even though I've only seen him once). Gliscor can be a problem, but usually I can weaken it down then kill it with Shan. But I will need another ice resist, still trying to come up with an idea. I'm thinking about...
  16. tawp64

    Double Dragon! RMT

    Hi everyone! I finally think I have an okay-ish team name. Finaly... Anyways, this is my 8th attempt at doing okay in 5th generation. Now I finally think I've got it! I actually based this team around Nidoking after seeing that LO + Encourage thread, and it works fine. However, he isn't...
  17. tawp64

    Jarardo's Drawings

    WHOAAA! That was awesome lol. Whenever I would imagine DP Wooper, I thought of Steelix... Anyways, thanks!
  18. tawp64

    Jarardo's Drawings

    The Nuzlocke Challenge was hilarious! I loved the curse part. I suggest you draw Dynamic Punch Wooper.
  19. tawp64

    [Gen 4] ZAP! But in the wrong idea...

    Just a few nitpicks, try bounce on Gyara. It hits a lot that SE dosen't hit like Breloom (who is the answer to very many set up pokemon). Bounce is very powerful, and helps a lot with getting leftovers recovery. And I love using a LO Thunder Wave set. But for this team it isn't very fitting...
  20. tawp64

    Clefable Sweep team in OU?

    Well, this team is weak to any Gengar, Gyarados, or Dragonite. Carrying a Jolteon with HP: Ice will really help. I suggest a LO set with thunder wave. Clefable is an awful bp reciever, so try something like Lucario. Dusknoir does nothing to contribute to the team, so try out a Scarf Rotom...