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  1. Yoshi

    how about 5pm tomorrow?

    how about 5pm tomorrow?
  2. Yoshi

    Tournament NeverUsed Snake Draft II Sign-Ups

    yoshi sm -5
  3. Yoshi

    Tournament LCWC III - Signups

    Name: Yoshi Tiers Played: SWSH LC Primary Eligibility (US/Canada: State/Province/Territory, Others: Country): US East Secondary Eligibility (US/Canada: State/Province/Territory, Others: Country): Interested in Captaincy?: No Significant Time Missed: None lc bruh, #3 peak on ladder
  4. Yoshi

    Project NU Media Thread

  5. Yoshi

    Project NU Media Thread

    Peaking audio? Check. No music even though music was "recorded?" Check. Shitty gameplay? Check. It's a Yoshi video!
  6. Yoshi

    Project SS NU Battle of the Week - Week 20 (Voting)

    aim joey do you want to sub in for this man??
  7. Yoshi

    Project SS NU Battle of the Week - Week 20 (Voting)

    i'll beat this man ass whenever, Xiri lmk
  8. Yoshi

    Project SS NU Battle of the Week - Week 20 (Voting)

    oh wait we're actually stuck on me, like the project doesn't continue?? LMAO
  9. Yoshi

    ADV Cup VII - Signups

  10. Yoshi

    DPP Cup VII - Signups

  11. Yoshi

    Project SS NU Battle of the Week - Week 20 (Voting)

    Guys I was told I cannot vote for myself so I must let the people know that I would specifically like to battle Aawin or Togkey in a best of three series EDIT: I wasn't even trying to vote but since he insists, I'll vote Oathkeepre into the ring
  12. Yoshi

    BW Cup VII - Signups

  13. Yoshi

    Project SS NU Battle of the Week - Week 20 (Voting)

    aawin blunder yoshi
  14. Yoshi

    NU NeverUsed Ladder Tour 6 - Playoffs [Won by Xiri]

    If I'm offered a choice between euthanization and the role of NU Tier Leader than there's no choice to be made at all, given that they're basically the same thing
  15. Yoshi

    Metagame NP: NU Stage 6.1 - I Was Born (A Unicorn) [Glastrier Unbanned]

    I believe the philosophy historically regarding retesting banned Pokemon revolves around a specific question: is there strong evidence that suggests that this Pokemon would (now) contribute positively to the metagame? If the answer is no, then it is generally a waste of resources (not...
  16. Yoshi

    Announcement NUTL 2.0: Finchinator Boogaloo

  17. Yoshi

    Metagame Issues with NU

    I'd like to start off this post by stating that I largely disagree with most of the sentiments proposed in the OP, particularly the criticisms regarding the internal operations of the tier. Rabia puts this best: As an ex-mod, ex-QC member, and someone who was arguably overly involved in the...