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  1. Apprentice Program: Round Sixty Seven

    Username:slater Age:18 Pokemon Showdown Username:slateryo Your timezone and usual hours of availability:pdt/ gmt -7 i usually work 4 - midnight and habe mondays and tuesdays off What tier do you want to learn?:uu and maybe some ou as well Tell us a little about yourself:i played uu a bit back...
  2. I am New Need Help

    So your team should look like this starmie-anti-lead metagross-leadgross gyrados-lo dd attacker infernape-mixape rotom-Scarf (not completey sure if should be scarfed test and see if lefties would suite you better) jirachi-cm wish pass(could be changed maybe to a poke that adds more synergy)
  3. I am New Need Help

    You can still run mamoswine but make it a revenge killer or lo attacker mamoswine doesn't so so well as a lead because metagross and machamp are very common leads and they both do well against him espicially with the huge amounts of machamp leads
  4. I am New Need Help

    Even if they weren't working you add them also I agree to changing your lead but I say to go with the growing anti-lead starmie with LeaD metagross for they go well together for a paired lead and starmie can run rapid spin to ease the stealth rock damage I'll edit with moveset/evs Starmie @...
  5. I am New Need Help

    Shoddy is a better option for you don't have to go through the annoyances of ev training/breeding and on shoddy you can fund matches a whole lot easier first of all I'm guessing you havnt tested this team at all cause your asking wether to use shoddy or wi-fi and it is required to test a team...
  6. Summer Skies - OU Balance

    If your not running a stall team I suggest brave bird over drill peck on skarmory because it gives him a good attacking option and will be able to do more than simply take physical attack and lay spikes down
  7. NOOB STALL TEAM needs help!

    I'M guessing the reason why your stall feels out of place is because breloom and arcanine are pretty far from stall ill edit with suggestions later EDIT:why not replace arcanine with heatran who is fareley bulky with high special attack and great typing and then add gliscor Over breloom to be...
  8. The Newest Catholic Church Uproar

    All my thoughts on religion are summarized in this qoute "Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence And That What Can Be Asserted Without Evidence Can Also Be Dismissed Without Evidence." -Christopher Hitchens
  9. *Insert Creative Title Here*

    completely agree with post above to me there no real reason not to ever run outrage on d-nites choices set if your locked on go for max damage ( I don't know how I didn't notice that you had dragon claw over outrage on a choice set) runnin those speed evs will greatly help Earthqauake is a good...
  10. *Insert Creative Title Here*

    Your title makes me cringe Oh and I can see complete stall teams troublesome but Im tired right now so I'll edit later Whith some most likely Minor changes EDIT: actually after looking at it some more I don't see any change that won't mess with your synergy well helping out good team :)...
  11. Night of the Beasts

    Why are you running anti-lead starmie and leadgross why not chang him to agiligross
  12. Sports that you play

    Baseball all the way I was a part of an amazing club team for 6 years qualified for eight different world series (pony league not the gay ass little league you see on tv and the pitchers Mound is super close makin. Them look like they can throw hard) we only went to three because we were a club...
  13. Intoxicating Stall (RMT)

    I don't like shuckle because of his horrible hp I would turn umbreon in to a baton trapper and put skar as a lead and scrap shuckle all together
  14. Your avatar destroys my iPod touch I know when I'm opening a thread with one of your post cause...

    Your avatar destroys my iPod touch I know when I'm opening a thread with one of your post cause it take realyyy long to load on my iPod ( plus it's a gif so it tries to move)
  15. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 24 (READ THE OP)

    Can someone point me to the theread/article that had the top moves types on each tier I've seen it before but I can't seem to find
  16. No sorry I only used it very briefly

    No sorry I only used it very briefly
  17. I'm not completly sur but all my username include Chris or slater

    I'm not completly sur but all my username include Chris or slater
  18. Smogon Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament

    Hmm I havnt played since the start of synchros mostly played when ther was huge amount of zombie and monarch deck
  19. I don't think I am but I shortly was on fc a while ago

    I don't think I am but I shortly was on fc a while ago
  20. TeamFourStar..wait, what? (An OU RMT)

    I see you are fan of skateboarding (team fourstar) oh and it looKs like your trying to take advantage on the lack of salamence going back to the fire water grass core oh and by looking at the dragonites name you also have a presence various reptile forums? Edit: didn't want to spam you rmt but...