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  1. QuickBH

    Media The Dragon Ball Thread

    I'm reminded of both the Future Trunks timeline and GT. Everything about them was about the brutal truth that we are all afraid of, and that even legends must someday die. More importantly though, it provided a positive outlook on the future and that, even if the entire world and all our safety...
  2. QuickBH

    We only have one life

    what watching anime and no religion does to a mf
  3. QuickBH

    Media The Dragon Ball Thread

    Might do a full review of GT later, but A Hero's Legacy was amazing and I'm glad that the (only official) finale of the franchise was one that paid respects to both Dragon Ball, its successor Z, (I know that originally they were lumped together, but their later marketing ploys even in the manga...
  4. QuickBH

    Media The Dragon Ball Thread

    Super to me was almost designed to be filler, so I treat it as mostly filler until I notice genuine character growth amongst the cast that isn't just a rehash of prior developments. Only problem is because of what they did to Future Trunks I can't enjoy this series as a direct continuation than...
  5. QuickBH

    Media The Dragon Ball Thread

    Hearing someone say DBS Broly is their favorite story in all of Dragon Ball is very shocking, but not something I can't understand. Really frustrated to hear that they destroyed Future Trunks' future, but I'm coping with DBS Broly confirming that this follows the Minus timeline, which is so...
  6. QuickBH

    Doing well brother, I still stop by occasionally but with how much of a trainwreck this site is...

    Doing well brother, I still stop by occasionally but with how much of a trainwreck this site is especially when it comes to tournaments Pokemon is an afterthought to me at this point lol.
  7. QuickBH

    Media The Dragon Ball Thread

    I think the Super anime was atrocious and the Goku Black arc made me ragequit the entire franchise for a while.The Super movies were okay, and are mostly one time enjoyments that's better than most schlop nowadays. The problem with the Buu Saga was that the Dragon Balls (in-universe) and...
  8. QuickBH

    What OU Metagame can Infernape shine at?

    Don't listen to them, any tier without Infernape isn't a tier worth playing. That being said, if you like a Pokemon that much you'll find a way to make it work. Pokemon is an extremely cheesy game so you can at minimum always find some extremely jank set to build a team around. I've pretty much...
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    Social If you could tell your younger self something what would would it be?

    To spend less time on video games and more time eating your damn veggies and drinking water.
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    Tournaments SPL XIV DPP Discussion

    Really curious as to why Hitmonlee was used over Hitmontop in Sakito's week 5 team. Is it seriously just Limber? There's nothing else relevant that Hitmonlee speedcreeps, outside of Heatran, and the attack drop with Intimidate seems much more useful. I don't think it beats D-Nite either but...
  11. QuickBH

    Lifestyle Things that you might be struggling with

    If you're having this much difficulty over even the thought of quitting something (that's not a necessity) you probably have some level of unhealthy obsession over it. Just take a break and if that break leads to never touching this game again that's completely fine. I spent way too much time on...
  12. QuickBH

    Lifestyle Things that you might be struggling with

    Genuinely you should plan on not returning here at all. If you want to excommunicate from the Pokemon community and this is an addiction you shouldn't expect yourself to come back because addictions take literal years to heal if it's bad enough and expecting yourself to do something "in...
  13. QuickBH

    Lifestyle What are your favorite seasonal hobbies or activities? (Not just winter)

    Hiking is great whenever but I especially love it during the Fall seeing the beauty really makes you appreciate nature and existence as a whole.
  14. QuickBH

    Metagame Terastallization Tiering Discussion [ UPDATE POST #1293]

    Suspect tests are actually easier when you want to limit something rather than banning a Pokemon/mechanic straight up. Due to the precise nature of it and a significantly reduced chance of unintended consequences, you get a lot less controversy and, honestly, could quickban with very few...
  15. QuickBH

    SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet Leaks Thread - Data/Mechanics

    I was moderately excited for this game until I found out that they selectively pick the freaking starters that will be added to the generation. Only SOME PLA Pokemon will be allowed to transfer via HOME which means rip Infernape and any reason to get this game.
  16. QuickBH


    I have the opposite viewpoint lol Superhero was basically what I wanted from a Dragon Ball continuation where as everything else is just repeating all the mistakes the Buu Saga made with nothing that made that arc endearing.
  17. QuickBH

    Media Anime and Manga Thread MK3 - Beware Spoilers

    Probably wrong place to put it but when I grew up Japanese animation wasn't seen as an oddity and something you could enjoy, you could like Gundam and Dragon Ball as much as you liked Batman it was viewed equally. I suggest just enjoying things you find good, not things that are just popular...
  18. QuickBH

    Media Anime and Manga Thread MK3 - Beware Spoilers

    Yeah flashbacks aren't used the greatest in this series, it's hard to care when flashbacks aren't used to extend the story in any way. I enjoy how the Demon Slayer world has actual blood and the series doesn't treat killing like a joke, but flashbacks are supposed to be used so that way the...
  19. QuickBH

    Media Anime and Manga Thread MK3 - Beware Spoilers

    Read through Demon Slayer a while back, and looking back at it twas alright, probably my favorite modern shonen (at least mainstream) but holy crap is it disappointing. I really enjoyed the power system and how it's all theatre of the mind in-regards to the effects, and the characters weren't...