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    Nope, we bury the corpses right under the site so when we reanimate we're already here

    Nope, we bury the corpses right under the site so when we reanimate we're already here
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    CAP 34 - Art Poll 2

    Chillie Scepticskep Felis Licht ausma Yokaiju
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    Wouldn't be smogon otherwise 9.9

    Wouldn't be smogon otherwise 9.9
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    CAP 34 - Art Poll 1

    ausma Chillie Felis Licht Yokaiju RoXIII Quotidian T-Okay Scepticskep breadstickslug HealthGage
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    Gaming Achievements

    I finished 100%ing Totk just recently, super glad I didn't replay Botw beforehand cuz they really aren't too different
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    Metagame np: Stage 7: New Americana

    :drednaw: Drednaw @ White Herb Ability: Swift Swim Tera Type: Flying EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Shell Smash - Liquidation - Stone Edge - Tera Blast I heard rain teams were good here so I came running. I've been playing around with different rain variations the past couple...
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    A Confession.

    I too must confess that I'm not actually gay. I just did it for attention on the Internet :( Idk if I needed to take dick in the ass all this time as well but I felt it helped me fit the part better :blobshrug:
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    Hey that's awesome! Antiquity is an interesting time period, I'm currently reading a book about...

    Hey that's awesome! Antiquity is an interesting time period, I'm currently reading a book about ancient books and the library of Alexandria "Papyrus," I recommend it. If you ever see me around on discord feel free to hit me up
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    Lower Tiers DPP UU Discussion Hub

    I actually think it's a pretty decent stall/semi stall. I think some initial issues could simply be fixed by moving Nidoqueen to the lead slot and replacing Reflect on Uxie with Heal Bell. Your team actually isn't too Dug weak, tho RP Tort is a threat (albeit a slightly uncommon one). If...
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    Hobbies Writing & Writers

    I was actually just thinking the other day that I do miss writing academic papers, to some degree anyway lol. I had gotten pretty good at Chicago style (History major), and I always did enjoy researching topics. Nothing to really write about these days, don't have a reason to write anything for...
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    After the buffs I find Lifeweaver has quite a good amount of sustain and isn't as easily dove as I originally found him to be, comparable to Mercy probably as it always feels like you're the last man alive. He feels way stronger on certain maps just due to being able to command high ground...
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    Thread for Did you knows

    Did you know my uncle works at Nintendo and he says that the next Pokemon game is going to have you actually kill people like in the manga?
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    Memes You Found Mk. 2

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    Hobbies What was it like to have your first video game?

    The first system that I could call "mine" was one of those super old brick Game Boys with a second hand copy of Pokemon Red. I think I was in Kindergarten at the time. Good ol days before the Game Boy Color came along and you couldn't play the system outside because of the screen glare lol, not...
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    Mouth cankersore refuses to go away and every time I shift or move even slightly it starts hurting evenmore I'm using moutwash but it wont go away jst

    I read this thread title last night and woke up with a canker sore this morning, I blame you entirely I hope you can live with this knowledge on your concious
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    Act like it is 2010

    Not enough gif reactions itt tbh
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    Smogging Off

    But who will bounce for us now? :( Jk I know you ain't leaving, nobody leaves forever
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    Old Topics Of Smogon

    God vBulletin feels like an eternity ago. The Wayback Machine still holds some screenshots from the before times. Like this one with Arkeis's art featured at the top: The forums didn't change too much going into DP, notably the banner was taken down I might still have some stuff saved...
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    Facebook is down

    Please post your worst pokemon facebook memes, I need my fix