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  1. Greybaum

    Tournament Pre-OMPL XII Discussion Thread

    Thinking on it more, I don't think an exception needs to be made for players, whether they're 3k or 4k or 16k. If they signed up saying they didn't want to play a tier then they shouldn't be expected to play it even in a sub scenario. Also, you're required to have at minimum four subs on a team...
  2. Greybaum

    Tournament Pre-OMPL XII Discussion Thread

    Take a step back and think about what adding a BO3 slot was meant to achieve; it's intended to be a prestigious slot with the best players and the most competition that celebrates our three flagship OMs; AAA, STAB, and BH. We've had multiple changes in leadership since this decision was made so...
  3. Greybaum

    AAA Almost Any Ability Resources

    Swampert A+ -> B :swampert: Frankly I don't think Swampert was ever not outclassed by Manaphy - it has a few key matchups where it fares better, but those don't reflect the metagame we're experiencing. Gholdengo is still fantastic but is no longer an omnipresent S rank threat, Iron Moth has...
  4. Greybaum

    Tournament Inheritour 1: Springtide Sun - Round 2 @ Post 31

    opponent didn't show up, calling act.
  5. Greybaum

    Resource Other Metagames Index - Ask Questions Here!

    My problem with this is it's extremely arbitary. Why are those the specific colour codes you chose for each type? It makes thematic sense so I can't fault you on any specific choice, but you could argue any shade of red/orange/yellow for Fire, for example. The end result is subjective too...
  6. Greybaum

    Project Suggestions for OM Improvement

    I believe Inheritance should ditch this part of its ruleset and fall back on its metagame description; "Any Pokemon in the metagame can "inherit" the moves and ability from a certain Pokemon". Pokemon receiving from Ogerpon should be able to go maskless and Pokemon receiving from Paradoxes...
  7. Greybaum

    Tournament AAA Counterteaming Tour! (Round 4 @ post 93)

    dropping out scionicle UT
  8. Greybaum

    AAA Almost Any Ability

    i havent contemplated ice scales enough to have a solid opinion on it but hera's right. you should not be able to beat every special attacker in one slot if only because impossible matchups lead to games that are both extremely boring and extremely linear. if you want to use swampert, pair it...
  9. Greybaum

    Tournament AAA Counterteaming Tour! (Round 4 @ post 93)

    :manaphy: :corviknight: :iron moth: :ting-lu: :cobalion: :pecharunt: :roaring moon::latios:
  10. Greybaum

    AAA Almost Any Ability

    tl;dr don't free native abilities but only because other things are worth doing more Most of the arguments here are poor. Arena Trap and Magnet Pull wouldn't be legal. Abilities like Good As Gold and Magic Bounce would be treated fairly by the council the way any other controversial element of...
  11. Greybaum

    Non-official SV AAA Suspect #11: Zamazenta

    Zamazenta: Unban
  12. Greybaum

    Post your searing hot takes

    That's what happens after I have a big meal. Also Brown Sauce is a top 3 possibly top 1 sauce and nobody outside the UK knows it. Daddies > HP
  13. Greybaum

    Suspect SV AAA Suspect #11: Zamazenta

    hate this garbage ass russian roulette reqs system unban
  14. Greybaum

    Tournament SV AAALT - won by Atha!

    aaalthf mr.105 yes incineroar
  15. Greybaum

    Implemented Revisiting the Sleep Clause for SV OU

    Sleep Moves Clause already exists and encompasses all moves that directly inflict sleep on the opponent - Relic Song, Dire Claw, Rest and Effect Spore in contrast are legal. It's used by many tiers in the Other Metagames community. Yawn is the only "unique" move banned by the clause - and while...
  16. Greybaum

    AAA Almost Any Ability

    tera shell is coded to only work on terastalised terapagos. this wasn't implemented correctly on showdown until now.