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  1. The Calligrapher#1024

    The Calligrapher#1024
  2. B101 Inactive Tutee Posts & Updates

    Username: The Calligrapher PO/PS! Username: The Calligrapher Your timezone: GMT-4 Usual Hours of Availability: fairly busy on weekdays but weekends are fine Tell us a little about your experience in competitive Pokemon (min. 3 sentences): started playing around dpp but only started playing...
  3. New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    Requesting name change to 'the calligrapher', the name Skrillex is taken on PS and I go by a different name on PS now. did -lily
  4. 4th Gen Semi-Stall team

    4th Gen - Hello Smogon, for the people who care I would like to start with an introduction of myself. I have been playing on the PO 4th Gen ladder for quite some time now, this is my first RMT ever as I'm normally one of those people who would only read other RMT's, however I came across a...