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  1. LordHelix

    Pokémon Chimecho

    Hopefully. Gamefreak definitely seems to be on the "give underwhelming pokemon evos" train for quite a while now so lets its just a matter of time of when can it get it I do expect it to find a niche in lower tiers though because tera + levitate can be a good wincon especially with the new...
  2. LordHelix

    Pokémon Shiftry

    A small correction though you wrote 248 HP EVs on the explosion set and said it can take advantage of its HP. Explosion doesnt scale with HP it scales with attack
  3. LordHelix

    Pokémon Chimecho

    Chimecho Stats: 75 / 50 / 80 / 95 / 90 / 65 (BST: 455) Abilities: Levitate Typing: Psychic Notable moves: Calm Mind Dazzling Gleam Draining Kiss Encore Grass Knot Heal Bell Healing Wish Knock Off Light Screen Psychic Psyshock Recover Reflect Shadow Ball Stored Power Taunt Thunder Wave Trick...
  4. LordHelix

    Project Pokemon DLC 1 (The Teal Mask) Thread Reservation

    Ding dong can i have the floaty chimecho please Approved - Setsu
  5. LordHelix

    Pokémon Poliwrath

    Water fighting is such a crazy defensive typing right now. This thing definitely has potential to be anti-meta Even offensive sets will have merit on rain due to being a solid kingambit check alone
  6. LordHelix

    Pokémon Chandelure

    I think infiltrator might be the way to go IF you choose to run it in this meta because it makes it deal full damage through aurora veil which is the new hot thing^TM right now Also fighting tera is probably best option right now for being able to kill gambit, ttar (only other thing resisting...
  7. LordHelix

    Pokémon Volbeat

    The bouncing menace BST: 65 / 73 / 75 / 47 / 85 / 85 Abilities: Illuminate / Swarm / Prankster Notable moves: Baton Pass (NO FUN ALLOWED, jk i understand why its banned) Tail Glow Bug Buzz Encore Dazzling Gleam Seismic Toss Moonlight Rainy Dance Sunny Day Shadow Ball Roost Taunt Thunder...
  8. LordHelix

    Project Pokemon DLC 1 (The Teal Mask) Thread Reservation

    Can i have the restless bug? Approved - Setsu
  9. LordHelix

    Metagame RU Stage 1 - Begin Again (Welcome to gen 9!)

    :haxorus: :toxtricity: :lycanroc: are brainless top threats. :flamigo: :gardevoir: are good splashable scarfers. :Tauros-fire: is the ultimate bulky offense mon, seriously checks so much while being a threat. :palossand: and :altaria: are legitimate defensive threats. :arcanine: Banded...
  10. LordHelix

    np: SV UU Stage 0 - Start of Something New (Hello SV UU!)

    It really sucks we lost scizor. We need strong steel priority for broken espartha and ceititan to lesser extent.
  11. LordHelix

    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion

    I ran tera fire vaporeon with hdb just so i have a reliable switchin into funny basket ball penguin, im so glad its gone Altho vaporeon is still not too bad of a choice for a wishpasser with tera but thats a whole other post for another time. For now though i think the only "viable" eevees for...
  12. LordHelix

    Metagame Terastallization Tiering Discussion [ UPDATE POST #1293]

    This is a little disingenuous. Upon team preview you can guess which pokemon will be relying on Tera depending on which one is best vs your current team and ballpark guess what type it can be based on its most viable teras Just for examples sake lets assume a random bad offense team with...
  13. LordHelix

    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion

    >This thread if finch stopped indulging 3 day old troll accounts
  14. LordHelix

    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion

    Im not saying its on the radar i was just responding in general abt people complaining that gholdengos ability to block defog makes it suspect worthy. Which is bizarre, the meta is more than well equipped to deal with hazards + gholdengo. We have much better rapid spinners, heavy duty boots...
  15. LordHelix

    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion

    How come hazard stacking + spin blocker was fine back in gens 2-5 but one pokemon being able to block defog is enough to potentially get it on the radar? Seriously, this is ONE pokemon blocking defog and it loses to the best 2 spinners we have (+ loses to post home removers like...
  16. LordHelix

    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion

    Not really booster energy allows you to slap the mon on any team, without it itll limit your teambuilding options a good bit. PLUS weather trigger not a perma boost, it wears off in 4 turns (or 7 w/ extender) Say you want to use great tusk's proto with energy booster banned, youre now forced to...
  17. LordHelix

    SPOILERS! Pokemon Legends: Arceus *Leak Thread*

    I didnt get what you mean at first but i checked and apparently the pokedex really does say that happinys egg is just a rock, and that shes trying to mimic chansey lol. Well thats explains why it didnt have it for so long
  18. LordHelix

    SPOILERS! Pokemon Legends: Arceus *Leak Thread*

    Im pretty happy to see that theyre giving old pokemon recovery and utility moves again. Iirc swsh didnt add any buffs to old pokemon wheres my recover lanturn Some changes that caught my eye: New spikes users: Gliscor, H-Decidueye, Overqwil Gliscor absolutely did not need that buff. Not excited...
  19. LordHelix

    SPOILERS! Pokemon Legends: Arceus *Leak Thread*

    I know we are all writing off powershift as a meme but l legit think it might have some use on swift swim mantine later. It has no set up moves + has a beefy 140 spdef stat It can go from 284 spa to a bonkers 416 spa lol. Life orb swift swim mantine here i come New mons are really neat so i...
  20. LordHelix

    SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword and Shield Datamine Thread

    Since alot seem to be unfamiliar with pokemon go thats how it works there at the moment Im every raid the legendary doesnt look shiny by default and after beating the raid each person individually gets a chance to encounter a shiny or not, meaning that if one person gets a shiny the others most...