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  1. Ladder Anything Goes

    I faced a number of BP teams and the likes of evasion moves have been making me lose. Has anyone thought of running haze in order to bypass any accuracy issues?
  2. Ladder Anything Goes

    It mainly has to do with Klefki's ability, Prankster, along with good typing. It can't really keep up with PDon, but MRay is susceptible to both TWave and Swagger. This makes it unlikely for MRay to attack, and you can also bully it with Foul Play in order to bring it down quicker.
  3. Ladder Anything Goes

    Been having fun in this ladder so far. SwagPlay Klefki really seems to be holding its weight in my team. Speaking of which, I ran into a team of six dittos. Seems like a bad idea to me, but it was kind of fun to battle against.
  4. Other Viable Megas

    Is it possible to have Pokemon from gen 5 to bring their items into the PokeBank? If not, that might explain why Lati@s gets a Mega Evolution.
  5. All Gens Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer Mark II (RoA edition)

    I've been thinking of getting into the competitive RBY scene and am just about ready to build a team; however, I have one question that needs to be answered before I start building it. Does the RBY ladder on the PO server use pure RBY mechanics or the one from Stadium?
  6. All Gens Pokemon Through the Ages: Flygon

    Another thing I noticed that people did not mention is that Starmie made for a good MixApe counter since Infernape was the most popular mixed attacker back in the days of DP.
  7. So many weather teams... Is non-weather viable?

    I definitely understand how hard it can be to stall in BW2 since I'm running a full-on Sand-Stall team right now. The only way I can really handle the aforementioned sweepers above is by making correct predictions and hoping residual damage or Perish Song count does those threats in; though, I...
  8. Misplaced Stratagem (a full-on Sand-Stall Team)

    Thanks for the rates so far guys, I really appreciate how much you guys helped me so far. I just some changes to my team, and it seems to be doing well; though, I did not do enough battles to say it for certain. Here's an exportable of the team I'm currently using. Tyrant King (Tyranitar) (M)...
  9. Misplaced Stratagem (a full-on Sand-Stall Team)

    This team is an attempt by me in order to try out stall since it's a team archetype I typically do not use. Of course, it has to be during the early stages of BW2 metagame with all the offensive pressures that came with it. I do get some wins with it, but some inherent problems with the team...
  10. New and Creative Movesets and EVs - Ubers Edition

    Over in a friendly match against a guy named 'lukeplots,' I ran across an interesting Armaldo set: Armaldo@Choice Band Trait: Swift Swim EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd - Stone Edge - X-Scissor - Earthquake - Brick Break With rain support, Armaldo can be quite a menace to non-scarfed variations...
  11. Knights of the Dragonic Order

    Thanks for the rates so far guys. They have been of real help to me so far. I'll follow DestinyUnknown's suggestions for now since they fall most in line with the team. As for the Specs Magnezone and MixedNite, I might try them out later at one point and post here on how well they performed...
  12. Knights of the Dragonic Order

    Thanks for the suggestion SkullCandy. I can see Metagross working on this team, so I'll give him a try. Dealing with the likes of boosting Dragons should be much easier now that I don't have to rely on Magnezone and Dragonite tanking those hits. It also gives me a fighting move I can use...
  13. Knights of the Dragonic Order

    Overview After taking a hiatus from Pokemon since not so long after the introduction of the 5th generation, I decided to get back into the competitive scene and build a team so I can start laddering again. After reading up some Smog articles, I decided to base a team around DD Dragonite...
  14. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer MK IV: Read the FAQ in the Opening Post

    Thanks for the suggestion. I was thinking of using either Starmie or Tentacruel in that spot; though, I guess Starmie might be better since it can keep up the offensive pressure of the team. I'll just need to think up of two more Pokemon for the team. Just keep in mind that there is nothing...
  15. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer MK IV: Read the FAQ in the Opening Post

    I got a question concerning team construction. Currently, I have a core of a Bullky DDNite, a MixMence, and a CS Magnezone. This set-up works by having MixMence start off with a Draco Meteor to lure in Steel types. If a Steel type appears which Mixmence can't handle, CS Magnezone can trap and...
  16. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer Mark III: Read the FAQ in the Opening Post

    Quoting since it ended up being the last post on the former page.
  17. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer Mark III: Read the FAQ in the Opening Post

    It's been a while since I played in the BW OU metagame, a bit less than a year; however, I regained my interest in it. Still, I noticed I'm quite behind in the metagame and need to learn it. What I'm asking is which type of team would allow me to best learn it? I was thinking of using either...
  18. [Standard] SANDS Mafia - Game Over! Winners: Rageguy Variants, Staraptor Call, Nachos

    The wagon can not be stopped. Lynch iiMKUltra