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  1. Jiibriil

    Metagame np: SV DOU Stage 1: Misguided Ghosts | Flutter Mane Remains Banned

    To me this feels like a waste of time testing an obviously broken 'mon. The problem with Flutter is that it's stats are already monstrous, and then you have Torkoal/Chi-Yu (who are both amazing in their own right) making it even nuttier. It also has all the other obvious good qualities, like the...
  2. Jiibriil

    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion

    Mudkip is king. Pyu for OU
  3. Jiibriil

    Bug Reports v4 -- POST BUGS HERE

    Endless Battle Clause does not trigger when Revival Blessing and Lunar Dance are used in conjunction to infinitely restore hp/pp. Either Revival Blessing or Lunar Dance (or both) needs to cause Pokemon affected by them to become...
  4. Jiibriil

    Gen III Battle Frontier Discussion and Records

    Is there a preferred tool or spreadsheet for trying to optimize EV spreads? Or a best strategy to go about doing so? I've played a lot of casual frontier, and gotten all of the gold symbols several times across many save files (though never all on the same one lol) and I would enjoy trying to...
  5. Jiibriil

    Metagame The Loser's Game

    Endless Battle Clause needs to be tweaked for this meta specifically, it's far too easy to activate. EBC will activate if two Pokemon have used Heal Pulse on each other, at least one is trapped/the only remaining Pokemon, and the turn counter is past turn 100. While most battles don't go past...
  6. Jiibriil

    SS OU Glowking + Hippo Stall (peaked 1918) I posted this team on Reddit last week after peaking at ~1850. After replacing Quagsire with Skarmory I was able to climb back up and hit a new peak, 1918, rank 35 on the ladder. This is the highest I've ever been. Full image Before we start I want to...
  7. Jiibriil

    Bug Reports v4 -- POST BUGS HERE

    Tooltips with Sticky Barb are broken. As you can see in this replay: Starting at turn 19, Toxapex gives its sticky barb to Pelipper. As both users know for certain that 1. pelipper has no item and 2. toxapex...
  8. Jiibriil

    SS Random Battle Suspect Process - Dynamax

    Dynamax turns every randbat game into the same thing- some kind of setup sweeper that overpowers the enemy's team. Just like it did to OU. Just like it does to VGC. Dynamax is a mechanic designed to just overpower the battle and end it. And that's what happens in Randbats currently. I miss a...
  9. Jiibriil

    Data Usage-Based Tier Update for December 2019 (here comes UU!)

    Surprised Kommo-o didn't make the cut. Surprised Rotom-H did. Guess I shouldn't be but I'm just used to Rotom-H being inferior. There is no difference except a couple of moves. The only relevant one being Shift Gear afaik, and it probably won't run that anyway.
  10. Jiibriil

    BH Balanced Hackmons Suspects and Bans Thread

    Let's just ban the damn thing already we all know it's broken, do we honestly have to write essays on why?
  11. Jiibriil

    Announcement np: SM OU Suspect Process, Round 4 - The Robots - Metagrossite BANNED

    I'm gonna go ahead and say Metagrossite shouldn't be banned. Metagross is a great mega. Probably the best. His problem is that he suffers horribly from 4MSS, and unlike certain others (looking at you Greninja, Genesect, Mosa) he can neither pivot out nor cover everything. As has been mentioned...
  12. Jiibriil

    Balanced Hackmons Suspects and Bans

    We don't need a Freeze Clause. May as well implement a Crit Clause. +1 for Sleep Clause. Agreeing with all the initial banlists being listed, can't stand to play BH atm. I hope next gen we resolve things such as -ate, Pdon, Sleep (if it's not initially banned), much quicker than we did this...
  13. Jiibriil

    np: ORAS OU Suspect Process, Round 7 - Diamonds [Read post #226] [BANNED]

    It doesn't make any sense to ban something two weeks before the end of the tier. Especially when it was allowed for the entire tier. That'd be like banning Chansey from RBY now, it doesn't make any sense. I personally don't think that MSab is broken, sure he's annoying on Stall, but Stall has...
  14. Jiibriil

    Balanced Hackmons Suspects and Bans

    Who wants Ogrekill unbanned? Please tell me so I can slap some sense into them.
  15. Jiibriil

    Balanced Hackmons Suspects and Bans

    Before we decide whether Pdon may need to be looked at again, I think -ate/Diancie/Ray/whatever should be dealt with, as it is a more pressing problem atm.
  16. Jiibriil

    ORAS OU Thunderwave ALL the Things (Zard-Y offense)

    Need advice on my team, as I've gotten stuck around 1550. All help is welcome! Lizardon (Charizard-Mega-Y) @ Charizardite Y Ability: Drought EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Flamethrower - Solar Beam - Focus Blast - Roost Charizard is my main sweeper...
  17. Jiibriil

    Lockdown (Now Playable!)

    Trick Room tho. This is gonna be one of those metas where EVing to outspeed Smeargle is going to be very beneficial...
  18. Jiibriil

    Ladder Balanced Hackmons

    You can change abilities with PKHeX... Did you activate illegal mode by changing the name of the program from PKHeX to something else?
  19. Jiibriil

    Ladder Balanced Hackmons

    There are several easy way to deal with Sturdinja. The easiest, and most reliable, is to run a Mold Breaker Ghost type. Giratina @ Griseous Orb Ability: Teravolt EVs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpD Careful Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Pursuit - Stealth Rock - Defog - Roost or Gengar-Mega @ Spooky Plate...
  20. Jiibriil

    Creative and Underrated Sets in Balanced Hackmons

    Plastic Surgery (Giratina-Origin) @ Spooky Plate Ability: Contrary EVs: 248 HP / 80 Def / 180 SpD Sassy Nature - Close Combat - Judgment - Recover - Baton Pass Pros: - Imposter proof... kinda. - You'd be surprised how much passing a couple defensive buffs can help. - If you can...