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  1. Arised

    Announcement np: SV OU Suspect Process, Round 1 - Oops!...I Did It Again

    I'm sorry to make a belated post at risk of derailing the thread but the argument about how lower tiers have no bearing on OU feels like perspective at best. Except we literally have a metagame that is operating at a lower power level that can address this question. Probably everyone agrees...
  2. Arised

    np: SV UU Stage 0 - Start of Something New (Hello SV UU!)

    Not really a huge fan of the prankster Grafaiai's and the occasional Sableye floating around so just wanted to highlight a couple mons that can properly take advantage of tera dark, (while we still have it) Gyrados - becomes a mega gyrados. STAB crunch I think does consistent damage and stops...
  3. Arised

    SS UU Stage 6 Voting Identification Thread

    Confirming as uuj6 sgmk
  4. Arised

    Tournament UUWC I - Signups

    Name: Arised/so gimmick Tiers Played: SM/ORAS Primary Eligibility: Midwest/Rest of US(?) Secondary Eligibility: Interested in Captaincy?: Significant Time Missed: 4th week of August
  5. Arised

    Resource SS UU Viability Ranking Thread (Pre-DLC)

    Aridame/so gimmick here. I'm not comfortable with the idea that Shedinja is actually viable in this tier rather than still just being a fun niche. Its ability to resist entire sets carves itself a pretty nice niche but the list of mons where it's able to do that has been shrinking since the...
  6. Arised

    Official ORAS UU Stage 7.3 Voting

    Hydreigon: Ban
  7. Arised

    UU Stage 7.3 Alt Identification Thread

    Identifying as Arised
  8. Arised

    Official ORAS UU Stage 7.2 Voting

    Salamence: Ban
  9. Arised

    UU Stage 7.2 Alt Identification Thread

    Identifying as SO GIMMICK
  10. Arised

    UU Premier League IV (Player Sign-Ups)

    Username: Arised/SO GIMMICK Tiers Played: ORAS UU (could do DPP but only theory'd never played) Foreseeable Inactivity: Naw I promise I can play without shedinja.
  11. Arised

    Official ORAS UU Stage 6 Voting

    Crawdaunt: Unban
  12. Arised

    UU Stage 6 Alt Identification Thread

    Confirming as Arisage.
  13. Arised

    ORAS UU Shedinja lovin'

    Hey all! Thanks for the advice. I realize that there's a lot of trade-offs when it comes to switching around sets and spreads. I still heavily defend the set for my eviolite gligar. In regards to the fact that does act as set-up fodder for salamence and aerodactyl especially, the advantage...
  14. Arised

    ORAS UU Shedinja lovin'

    Hey all, Arised here, but most of you have probably seen me as SO GIMMICK on pokemon showdown. For awhile I tried to try hard with mediocre success. Then I gave up and tried using pokemon that I thought would be incredibly niche like shedinja and lo' and behold I realized there is something...
  15. Arised

    ORAS UU Viability Ranking Thread M3 (READ POST #823)

    Can I ask why Rotom-C is ranked higher than Rotom-H? Or even why Rotom-C is A? The first two things that come to mind is Rotom-H counters Mamo, Mega Abomasnow better than Rotom-C. Plus, Overheat in general has slightly better coverage in UU than Leaf Storm.
  16. Arised

    ORAS UU Viability Ranking Thread M3 (READ POST #823)

    Regarding Cloyster's move to B-/B, I'd like to add in a couple two cents of Sash Cloyster's viability as a revenge killer on certain setup sweepers. Having shell smash puts pressure on cm/np users and I know it's no Magic Guard Alakazam, and I know it doesn't get this function very often due to...
  17. Arised

    Official ORAS UU Stage 2 Voting

    Serperior: Keep BL
  18. Arised

    UU Stage 2.1: Alt Identification Thread

    Confirming as Arised