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  1. tlin2020

    Official SV DOU - Flutter Mane

    Flutter Mane: Ban
  2. tlin2020

    Metagame SV DOU Suspect 10 - Voter Identification Thread (READ THE OP!)

    this suspect test actually helped me make huge improvements to the old team i was using :)
  3. tlin2020

    Official SV DOU - Basculegion

    Basculegion: Do Not Ban
  4. tlin2020

    Official SV DOU - Ursaluna

    Ursaluna: Do Not Ban
  5. tlin2020

    Metagame SV DOU Suspect Test 5 - Voter Identification Thread (READ THE OP!)

    ONLY YOU CAN SAVE SMOKEY BEAR!!! (i still have not tried using it yet)
  6. tlin2020

    Official SV DOU - Iron Hands

    Iron Hands: Do Not Ban
  7. tlin2020

    Official SS DOU - Ally Switch Voting

    Ally Switch: Do Not Ban
  8. tlin2020

    genesect shinyness

    thanks for the info! the shift gear shiny genesect stuff makes sense, and i thought i understood the moveset legality until i tried this combo: - Flash Cannon - Flamethrower - Thunderbolt - Ally Switch which is unable to be shiny. maybe i'm forgetting some other detail? and one more...
  9. tlin2020

    genesect shinyness

    i know certain move combos force genesect to be shiny or non shiny. this means the shinyness of the opponents genesect reveals a lot of info about their set. does anyone have any knowledge about this or should i just try all combos and report back?
  10. tlin2020

    Metagame Workshop

    "Clockwork" sounds great and each pokemon having a different cycle based on their position will be interesting.
  11. tlin2020

    Metagame Workshop

    Metagame Premise: Stats are rotated (HP becomes Attack, Attack becomes Defense, and so on) Potential bans and threats: Blissey, Shuckle, Bastiodon Questions for the community: Should the name be "Rotationmons"? Also, we can do other variations for example: HP becomes Speed, Attack becomes HP...