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  1. Man, let's get an SK reunion up in this.

    Man, let's get an SK reunion up in this.
  2. Apprentice Program: Round Fifty Eight

    Username: Pokewiz708 Age: 15 Shoddy/Pokemon Online Username: Wilkie Your timezone and usual hours of availability: CST -6. 6PM-12AM. What tier do you want to learn?: DPP and BW OU, BW LC. Tell us a little about yourself: My name is Grant, and I live in Texas. I started on Serebii 4 years ago...
  3. BRO. We need to start the SK's up..

    BRO. We need to start the SK's up..
  4. Team Wait..what? 4th Gen, OU.

    I see what you mean. Thank you guys for the input, and please, keep it coming. I've tried Shaymin>Celebi, and it's working slightly better. Also, tried Band Nape>Tran, and it seems to be working better. All experimental, though.
  5. Team Wait..what? 4th Gen, OU.

    Out of Starmie, Jolt, and MixApe, the only one that really ever gives me big troubles is MixApe. Him and Breloom completely rape my team, Breloom especially. I would rather completely ditch Celebi. SubSeed Shaymin, perhaps? If I added Blissey, it could take the role of cleric off of Vappy and...
  6. Team Wait..what? 4th Gen, OU.

    Azelf @ Life Orb Ability: Levitate EVs: 4 Atk/252 Spd/252 SAtk Naive nature (+Spd, -SDef) - Stealth Rock - Fire Blast - Explosion - Psychic Standard lead, right? Wrong. Life Orb to pack a punch. With Life orb, it packs an even heftier punch. Most people expect a Taunt if it's faster...
  7. Hey man, how've you been?

    Hey man, how've you been?
  8. Freezing in the Icy Pits of Hail.

    Hail Team. Preview; __________________________________ Abomasnow (M) @ Leftovers Ability: Snow Warning EVs: 252 HP/4 Def/252 SDef Calm nature (+SDef, -Atk) - Leech Seed - Substitute - Wood Hammer - Blizzard Well, obviously, this is my lead. It sets up my Hail with Snow...
  9. You won a tourney? Gratz, bro!

    You won a tourney? Gratz, bro!
  10. Dude... Remember me? :P

    Dude... Remember me? :P
  11. Apprentice Program - Round Thirty Nine

    Gratz Jiovanne! You did great too, Adub. Same as Vader, waiting for next time.
  12. Your most Memorable moment from Gold/Silver

    Getting Red Gyarados, I didn't think it was always red, I just thought I was lucky xD
  13. TrickRoom U-Turn Endeavor Team

    Let me just ask, but what order are the IV's in? HP/Atk/Def/Spe/SpA/SpD?
  14. Art Student Taking Requests

    Oh sorry man! I thought you had done everyone but me, sorry bout that.
  15. Art Student Taking Requests

    forgot me?
  16. Art Student Taking Requests

    I need a Quilava using Flame wheel. Thanks, hopefully.
  17. Void's Art Thread

    Thats great, put some more up, I'm sure its great!
  18. Sellin Slowpoke Tail

    You need to make a Quilava or something. They pwn.