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    Shiny Value/SID Checking and Reference

    Thanks a ton man
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    Shiny Value/SID Checking and Reference

    Gotcha, ive deposited a level 41 male furfrou In a quick ball
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    Shiny Value/SID Checking and Reference

    Hi, the pokemon ive deposited is a male level 58 ampharos In a great ball
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    Shiny Value/SID Checking and Reference

    Hi! Been wanting to try some rng and would like to know my tsv Game: Ultra sun IGN: Enrique FC: 1779-3064-7721 Add Tsv to list? No Time zone: Standard mountain time (GMT-7) Will Deposit based on mod’s request
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    np: ORAS OU Suspect Process, Round 4 - Genie in a bottle

    This thing doesn't stabilize the meta, it's just an asshole people put on their teams cause it works. This thing can beat anything that would give it problems by just changing a move. A diverse movepool, pretty handy speed tier, respectable bulk and being by far the best mixed sweeper in OU...
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    Pokémon Serperior

    I can see this thing actually being pretty threatening in the doubles environment. Rain and sand are very common teams and this thing rips them apart. Its gotta pretty decent defenses with resistances to earthquake, surf and discharge along with the ability to rape common double shit like...
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    Pokémon Serperior

    Where was this thing last gen? It kinda came a little late to the party. As cool as it is I can't see it being too good, so many new threats have been introduced this gen such as greninja and talonflame. And its forced out by a lot of stuff, meaning if it gets a boost from leaf storm, it will...
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    XY OU Help and advice please!

    Hello person and thank you for taking the time to read my this. So yeah im writing this cause I need some advice with my team and I was hoping I could get some prefessional help. So yeah ill cut this short and start. Togekiss Bold nature. 252 HP, 252 def, 4 spe Item: leftovers Moves: Air...
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    XY OU First Real Competitive Team- Can anyone help?

    Your team has a quite a few things to work out. First off choice scarf on gengar isnt a recomended thing. Id use a life orb as it provides gengar lots of power. And if you plan to replace it use a water type like azumairl. Azumaril patches up your fighting type problem as it resists fighting and...
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    XY OU First Real Competitive Team- Can anyone help?

    Scizor is a great pokemon don't get me wrong but those speed evs are wasted cause scizor is too slow to outpace anything. Its better used in its bulk. Try this. 252Attk 200hp 50def. Mega scizor uses its bulk to get lots of swords dances which is where roost comes in handy to restore its health...
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    Shiny Charm and Masuda Method

    Hello im kinda new to this so yeah. Im a shiny breeder so I was interested in this forum. So I got the shiny charm a while back and before then I masuda bred without it and now that I have it shiny breeding has gotten a lot easier. My eggs before the shiny charm gave me shinies at around...
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    Pokémon Charizard

    Poor salamence.. I hear its UU now cause of charizard X. Well anyways, bout that charizard X. I found a set thats been working quite well for me. Substitute Swords dance Dragon claw Fire punch EV's 252 Attk/252 spd Jolly nature Switch in on something that is scarred by charizard and as they...
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    Shiny Charm and Masuda Method

    My friend literally craps out shinies with MM. He gets all his shinies in under 100 eggs and he claims that this is because he uses a spanish ditto. Maybe certain reigions have diffrent chances? Shinies so far: Togepi 680 eggs, honedge 866 eggs, beldum 3 eggs. Slowpoke 6 eggs, noibat 150 eggs...
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    Other Good Cores

    My core for BW was dragonite lucario and Milotic. T'was amazing! Lucario Adamant nature Evs 252 attk/252/spe/4HP Close combat Crunch Extreme speed (what else really?) Rock slide This lucario was amazing at smashing through stuff killing at least one Pokemon and crippling another focus sash is...
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    Pokémon Sylveon

    Why are we even considering pixilate on sylveon? It has no useful moves besides (hyper voice which could be useful in doubles) to abuse pixilate. Hyper beam is a terrible gimmicky move that shouldn't even be considered on sylveon as its special attack isnt high enough to get KO's with the move...
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    Other Most Improved Pokemon

    The Pokemon that got crapped on the most this gen was metagross. Cause of the steel type Nerf he has two more weaknesses which makes it harder to fight a lot of Pokemon plus meteor mash got nerfed and metagross isn't exactly loving that.
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    Pokémon Goodra [REVAMP]

    I have a goodra and it works perfectly! Nature: modest. Ability: Sap sipper Item: choice specs Moves: Draco meteor, thunderbolt, fire blast sludge wave. EV's 252 HP/252 special attack/4 special defence. The reason you'd use this over hyderigon is because of goodra's incredible special...
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    Other Weather Nerf

    With weather nerfed to the level it has, weather teams are going now be filled with fast offensive sweepers because the 5-8 turns leaves a lot less time to set up and weather teams will have to focus on dealing as much damage as possible in that time. Plus I don't think politoad and ninetails...