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  1. FluffyZergling

    Project The Top 5 CAP Titans of the Gen 8 CAP Metagame

    Nominating Stratagem What effect did Stratagem have on the metagame? During the era of SS, I feel new threats have arrived and Stratagem can check those threats. Any form of Venomicon or Astrolotl would rather switch than take a knockout. Pyroak wouldn't want to keep setting up if Stratagem...
  2. FluffyZergling

    CAP 31 - Art Poll 2

    Pipotchi Brambane Zephyri Yilx NoahIOTJ Mos-Quitoxe
  3. FluffyZergling

    CAP 31- Art Poll 1

    Explosion Badger Yokaiju Magistrum Spook NoahIOTJ T-Okay
  4. FluffyZergling

    CAP 31 - Part 9 - Secondary Ability Poll 2

    Mirror Armor Serene Grace
  5. FluffyZergling

    CAP 31 - Part 9 - Secondary Ability Poll 1

    Mirror Armor Heatproof No Competitive Ability Moxie Serene Grace
  6. FluffyZergling

    CAP 31 - Part 9 - Secondary Ability Discussion

    I think Galvanize as a secondary ability to use CAP 31 to counter Corviknight or Venomicon if they believe it can switch into an EQ. This still keeps making bulky waters (Except Swampert) scared of showing their face in front of our creation while still making it vulnerable to grass pokemon as...
  7. FluffyZergling

    CAP 31 - Part 8 - Stat Spread Poll 1

    Amamama mark6870 DetroitLolcat
  8. FluffyZergling

    CAP 31 - Art Submissions

    The lack of Dimetrodon's in this format has driven me to have this blue diamond-powered celadon pot dimetrodon. The celadon pot format would support the ground aspect of the pokemon as well as being able to heal the cracks in the pottery if it were ever to be hit with a water attack. Water is...
  9. FluffyZergling

    CAP 31 - Part 4 - Ability Poll 1

    Mirror Armor Water Absorb Flash Fire Moxie Speed Boost Unaware Poison Heal
  10. FluffyZergling

    CAP 31 - Part 1 - Concept Assessment Move Poll 1

    Photon Geyser Sacred Fire Thunder Cage
  11. FluffyZergling

    CAP 31 - Part 1 - Concept Assessment

    How does the addition of such powerful moves to a movepool shape the process in its later stages? One move is all it takes to create a pokemon. A Clefable can use moon blast as that line is known for coming from space, Tapus' have nature's madness because they are the rage of the Aloha Islands...
  12. FluffyZergling

    Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer (CAP V. 3.0 READ THE OP!)

    Where is the prohibited moves list? This relates to the last-gen 8 pokemon for CAP. I am new here and I want to find my way around.
  13. FluffyZergling

    Ask simple questions here! [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    Correct me if I am wrong: Skill swap is supposed to remove the abilities off of pokemon and if that pokemon skill swap dies, they take the ability with them. In one of my games, I was using Deoxys speed to set up hazards and my opponent sends out yvaltal to counter my psychic type, is what I...