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  1. BrothaJdogg

    Tournament OUPL VI - Player Signups

    Player Name: BrothaJdogg Tiers Played: SS OU, SM OU and ORAS OU Timezone: GMT -5
  2. BrothaJdogg

    Announcement SS OU Suspect Process, Round 2 - Voter Identification Thread

    confirming as OUTY JDogg TPP edit: confirmed
  3. BrothaJdogg

    Announcement np: SS OU Suspect Process, Round 2 - The Three of Us

    In a vacuum, yes, you could set up hazards to break Duggy's sash and minimize it's potential threat. However, you need to take into account that the Duggy user is most likely aware of this (assuming its sash) and will likely prioritize hazard removal at his/her first opportunity to put you back...
  4. BrothaJdogg

    Announcement np: SS OU Suspect Process, Round 1 - Boom Boom Pow

    Welp, my first post for the new gen. I've been on the fence about Dynamax for the longest time, but after playing a fair share of games since SwSh came out and following the discussion, I find that there are two particular issues that make the mechanic banworthy: 1) Breaking Choice-lock: At...
  5. BrothaJdogg

    Official USUM UU Suspect Process - Stage 10.1, Voting

    Mega Sableye: Keep UUBL
  6. BrothaJdogg

    SM UU Stage 10.1 Voting Identification Thread

    Surprise, I'm still alive (and still at least decent at this game) Identifying as SAB1 JDogg
  7. BrothaJdogg

    Tournament UUPL VII Player Signups

    Player Name: BrothaJdogg Tiers Played: SM and ORAS Timezone: CDT (GMT -5)
  8. BrothaJdogg

    np: USUM UU Stage 6.2 - Reggaetón Lento

    To be frank, I think you're understating how much a counter Amoonguss is to Breloom, and how if it leaves Breloom will become an absolute menace to the tier (saying this as someone who has abused the ever-living shit outta breloom since it got dropped...hey, give me some credit for being...
  9. BrothaJdogg

    Tournament UnderUsed Premier League VI - Player Signups

    Username: BrothaJdogg Tiers Played: SM-UU and ORAS-UU Foreseeable Inactivity: June 7th-12th (if it goes that long), -CST
  10. BrothaJdogg

    np: USUM UU Stage 6.2 - Reggaetón Lento

    I unfortunately won't be making reqs for this suspect; like someone earlier I got caught stuck around 75% GXE on a couple different account attempts, but I think I've played enough to offer my two cents on the new suspect format and M-bro as a whole 1) the new suspect format: I actually quite...
  11. BrothaJdogg

    Official SM UU Stage 4.2 Voting

    Latiasite: DO Not Ban
  12. BrothaJdogg

    UU Stage 4.2 - Alt Identification Thread

    Confirming as A Doggs Purpose
  13. BrothaJdogg

    np: SM UU Stage 4.1 - Shine [Weavile & Gardevoir-Mega banned]

    It's an unfortunate fall-out of the massive tier shift that happened a couple months back. We got so many powerful drops at the same time, that looking at everything at once would be near impossible (unless you think simultaneously suspect testing M-Gallade, M-Hera, Hoopa-U, M-Garde, Weavile...
  14. BrothaJdogg

    Official SM UU Stage 4.1 Voting

    Weavile: Do Not Ban