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  1. Non-Pokébank OU Zygarde is pretty good

    So I haven't shown a team on Smogon for quite some time, but while messing with this Gen of Pokemon, I've built a team I would like to share. This team isn't perfect as about half of it could be switched around and that is another reason I am posting it here to let people see it and help if they...
  2. Gen 4 FWG Team

    I changed Rotom to Choice Scarf, but I am a little hesitant on switching to HP Ice and Explosion. I do see the point, but I guess I need a little more especially since my Gyarados has ~89% chance to OHKO Starmie with a +1 Bounce
  3. Gen 4 FWG Team

    I suppose so. Changing Rotom to Choice Scarf wouldn't be difficult I suppose and I assume is recommended lol
  4. Gen 4 FWG Team

    With Gen 6 here and all I got nostalgic for the first Generation I tried to play competitively on and decided I'd revisit the best team I've built. I'm sure somethings have changed since then, but I'd like feedback on my team of old. TEAM BUILDING PROCESS: I decided to start my team off with...
  5. Gen 4 FWG Team

    Actually Metagross became a bit of a drawback. I am testing Heatran in the lead spot and trying out a Jolteon with Shaymin as my Grass type
  6. Gen 4 FWG Team

    I've actually been playing with a Metagross lead a bit and it has been working kinda well actually. I'll keep testing and I'll post any changes. Also, I tested the suggested Snorlax set and it completely failed on the team, so right now my team is what is listed above.
  7. Gen 4 FWG Team

    I'll see, but I really like Heatran with Substitute and generally not in a lead role.
  8. Gen 4 FWG Team

    I can agree that Starmie is a little troublesome for the team, and that Infernape could be trouble as well. But if I were to replace a Pokemon, which one would I change?
  9. Gen 4 FWG Team

    lol no it's perfectly fine. I do understand what you're saying, I just feel that Substitute is too good on Heatran. I might look into Bounce, however. I've always been uneasy about using it (since it can let something set up on me) but we will see. This is, however, if I were to fight Shaymin...
  10. Gen 4 FWG Team

    Thanks for the complement, much appreciated haha. I've used Shucca Berry Heatran in the past and while it was good, I found the protection of Protect a good thing. If Heatran has a Sub up, Shaymin needs to hit me with 2 Earth Powers to beat me (one to break my Sub and another to beat me) and...
  11. Gen 4 FWG Team

    I've had this team for some time now, but haven't really asked for any help with it. So I decided I would try now. Any help/advice is appreciated. TEAM BUILDING PROCESS: I wanted to use a Fire/Water/Grass Core. So I had to start with that. I immediately knew who I wanted for my Fire and Water...
  12. Gen 5: Double Dragon Danger

    Ok I'll try Abomasnow out on the team and make changes if he works
  13. Gen 5: Double Dragon Danger

    I've made some changes in bold. Abomasnow sounds interesting I am just wondering if that will hinder Latos' sweep since he will be getting hurt every turn and not heal. Onono I'm not to worried about though he will be losing his healing which may annoy me a bit but I may be able to get over...
  14. Gen 5: Double Dragon Danger

    @Jaroda: I was thinking about HP Fire on magnezone so he would eliminate certain steels easier, though he hasn't had that bad of a time taking them down with a STAB Thunderbolt. Life Orb may be a good item on Kojondo but that would mean if he does get hit by an unexpected attack he will almost...
  15. Gen 5: Double Dragon Danger

    I've been playing around with Gen 5 for awhile now though I kept changing to random things, I found a Double Dragon Team and was interested by it so I decided to try it for Gen 5. It started out shaky and it went under multiple changes but I have a team that has done pretty well now. I apologize...
  16. lol I did and the real name is changed too

    lol I did and the real name is changed too
  17. SubPunchCorak Surprise

    If I replace Heatran Toxicroak will have nothing to switch into rather safely. The flygon I am thinking of removing, I'm testing a little bit out with some other Pokemon provided
  18. SubPunchCorak Surprise

    So I should test this new Rotom, try Gliscor again, and try LO Heatran? Also thanks I was hoping someone would like the idea of a Toxicroak team, he is underrated and surprises so many opponents getting me a few RAGEquits lol
  19. Hello, I don't mean to keep adding more to you but as really nobody has rated my newest OU team...

    Hello, I don't mean to keep adding more to you but as really nobody has rated my newest OU team I would like to ask if you please could??
  20. SubPunchCorak Surprise

    Bump for edits...