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  1. Resource Draft League Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    This sounds weirdly territorial. So the smogon draft community is not interested in how the wider draft community operates?
  2. Resource Draft League Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    Right...but this is draft. I thought maybe we could look to support the most common draft formats. There is a not insignificant portion of the draft community that likes to run nat dex because they want to use Megas but also like having things like pursuit and hidden power removed. Sports used...
  3. Resource Draft League Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    Any chance we could get a draft format for gen 8 of Nat Dex without Legacy moves? Unless the lift is too large of course. It's a pretty common draft format in my experiences and although it's possible to self-regulate, a lot of people don't know which moves were removed and mistakes happen.
  4. Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion (Usage stats in post #944)

    ^ Somebody come get this man. A meta can absolutely have too many threats to be healthy. The more threats there are, the more it becomes about match-ups and games become determined at the team preview screen. The number one complaint about Gen 7 is it was too match-up dependent to properly...
  5. Gen 8 Discussion Thread

    It's an incredibly bad idea to have a NatDex format without also having all the old moves brought over. The audience for Galar Gen 8 is everyone that wants to play the game as-designed by Gamefreak. The audience for NatDex Gen 8 is everybody who wants all the content from past games plus new...
  6. CAP 7 CAP 7 - Art Submissions

    Wyveii, ghost in the machine is too awesome a concept to ignore for this.
  7. CAP 7 CAP 7 - Art Submissions

    I love Wyveii's Ghost in the Machine.
  8. A short guide on how to create the Base Stats of a Pokemon Evolution

    Here's an idea: All these examples seem to follow a very basic law of human nature. "Common Sense." If you're evolving a Pokemon that has a shell, and he loses the shell, for whatever reason, naturally his stats will reflect that. There's no pattern, theme, or rules beyond that.
  9. CAP 7 CAP 7 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 1

    Sikh Assassins Great Tank of China
  10. CAP 6 CAP 6 - Part 12 - Art Poll 1

    1. Atyroki 2. Caladbolg 3. Antarctros
  11. CAP Revision - Syclant: Final thread

    I'd imagine we do the dex entries because flavor matters to some people? Take away flavor, and you're left with chess.
  12. EVO 1 - Process Vote

    When did Pokemon stop being fun, exactly?
  13. EVOlution 1 - Part 2 - Pokémon Poll 3!

    Yes, degenerated. The logic that something like adding a type to an already existing Pokemon is the same as making a Pokemon from scratch is simply ridiculous, and the fact that logic like that will dictate whether an unevolved-icon from the bygone days of RBY will get an evolution over a...
  14. EVOlution 1 - Part 2 - Pokémon Poll 3!

    Farfetch'd. If Smogon has degenerated to the point where theyd evolve Houndoom over Farfetch'd, all is lost.
  15. CAP 5 CAP 5 - Part 13b (Name Poll 3)

    Strategem won all the other polls, come on people. What are you doing?
  16. CAP 5 CAP 5 - Part 13a (Name Discussion)

    I cannot see any name feasibly beating Strategem or Veclawsity, I'm not even gonna try.
  17. CAP 5 CAP 5 - Sprite Submissions

    Vader's looks way too plain. I'm leaning towards Wyveii or flygon right now, they look like Pokemon sprites.
  18. CAP 5 CAP 5 - Part 8 (Art Poll 1)

    Cerbi yourdeadgrandad Regi DS
  19. CAP 4 CAP 4 - Name Discussion

    I just had to say Opilipalm and Polypalm sounded awesome. And Tarhandtula sounds like the perfect name for an evolution of this.
  20. CAP 3 CAP 3 - Part 9.5 (Main/Secondary Ability Poll)

    Battle Armor,due to the armor. Flash Fire, also due to the armor. A fire attack hits the wood, it catches fire, and he does more damage due to being driven by fire. Rock Head doesn't really make any sense unless you're trying to build this thing solely to be competitive, which seems...