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  1. Banning Broken Pokemon or preserving our metagame?

    Do any of the Pokemon listed have ridiculous SpDef coupled with a powerful STAB move with a 50% chance to burn? Go ahead and switch in Scarftar just to have it crippled for the rest of the game. Oh yeah, it also has great offensive stats. There's a reason putting Ho-oh in OU is a joke to most...
  2. Minecraft Discussion Thread holy shit wait for the castle bit Pistons = badass
  3. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    ... I now have 10 stack of both kinds.
  4. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Notch released 1.6.5 It looks like it's stable, since Clanforge has released a vanilla version with no warnings like they had for 1.6.4. All the major bugs have been fixed and the only new glitch I've seen is that when you go to sleep in a bed you can continue walking around, but it still skips...
  5. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    Good news: So hopefully the server will be updated soon, despite there being no commands for a while.
  6. Osama Bin Laden Killed

    Man I thought he was hiding in a cave but apparently he's been chillin in some mansion.
  7. Gen V Initial UU

    Wobb is UU? With Sawsbuck, TanGROWTH, and NP Celebi/Mew? This is going to be a clusterfuck of broken stuff lol
  8. Gen V Initial UU

    Vulpix bro. EDIT: Ninja'd D:
  9. Gen V Initial UU

    So what exactly can take a CB V-Create. In the sun. With Abomasnow and Hippopotas as the only other weather changers. T_T
  10. np: OU Suspect Testing Round 4 - Blaze of Glory

    @Ulevo sand counters rain so that's why sand is higher[/sarcasm] ok now that we have usage stats out and only ~42% of teams even have a weather starter can all of you anti-weather players stop bitching about a problem that doesn't exist?
  11. Smogon University PO Statistics — April 2011

    Thanks. If that's the case UU Drought fffffuuuuuuuuuu
  12. Smogon University PO Statistics — April 2011

    Thanks so much R_D Well I'm glad to see that the "weather makes the metagame less diverse" viewpoint has been completely squashed. Also, does anyone know what the cutoff we are going to use for UU is?
  13. Hippowdon

    Ahahaha early BW is so funny looking back now. Anything that could stop Dory was a godsend XD Hippo is still a hell of a lot better than Ttar for some teams. It doesn't have all the painful weaknesses that Ttar does, and the weaknesses that it does have are common special move types, meaning it...
  14. Why can't I play in OU with this team?

    IIRC Pinch berries don't exist in BW (or something to that extent), so you just have to change Poliwrath's item and then everything should be fine.
  15. np: OU Suspect Testing Round 4 - Blaze of Glory

    You can say that about anything -.- Gee Sunflora has its fair share of counters in OU, but so does Kyogre. Sunflora for Ubers!!1! Latios's common counters - Tyranitar, Jirachi, Blissey, Chansey, Ferrothorn, Metagross, Scizor, etc. Since when are Ferrothorn and Scizor not "generic dragon move...
  16. np: OU Suspect Testing Round 4 - Blaze of Glory

    All these anti-weather posts just throw up BS in their posts to prove their (lack of a) point. Weather leads to a less diverse metagame: This has been disproved so many times it isn't funny. Can't wait for usage stats, try arguing this then. It's impossible to beat Drizzle: If Drizzle was as...
  17. np: OU Suspect Testing Round 4 - Blaze of Glory

    Sun stall doesn't work (and as such is nonexistent). I last saw a Rain stall team just a few battles ago. In fact, I used to use one. It is true that each weather has a most common playstyle. That should be obvious. But to deny that there are multiple common and usable playstyles for each type...
  18. np: OU Suspect Testing Round 4 - Blaze of Glory

    Usage stats tommorrow? :drool: The metagame will be significantly more diverse than it was in late gen IV. Each type of weather has it's own OU. Tornadus is used on Rain teams. Venusaur is used on Sun teams. Excadrill is used on Sand teams. Kyurem is used on Hail teams. When you account for all...
  19. np: OU Suspect Testing Round 4 - Blaze of Glory

    The only ban that has been made where Drizzle was a factor was Aldaron's Proposal, and a lot of players want to repeal that ban in favor of banning the individual broken Pokemon. Don't use bans that haven't happened and aren't likely to take place as an argument for banning Drizzle.
  20. np: OU Suspect Testing Round 4 - Blaze of Glory

    The PO metagame is completely different and separate from ours (and arguably a lot less balanced). I have seen all the playstyles I mentioned used successfully. Just because it is easier to use Sand doesn't make it a "tier 1" strategy, because there are many Hail teams out there that...