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  1. Pancham

    Fuck. I wish.

    Fuck. I wish.
  2. Pancham

    Hi it me

    Hi it me
  3. Pancham

    VGC 2020 Role Compendium

    You should add a section for Coaching (Terrakion, Hitmontop, Riolu, Mienshao, Cobalion, Virizion), and add Volcarona to Rage Powder users. As far as TR sweepers, Duraludon, Vikavolt, and Dragalgae could be good adds. (You also have Gigalith twice in this section) A section for Safeguard users...
  4. Pancham

    SPOILERS! Poipole and Naganadel

    Poipole? It looks nothing like Mega Beeshit.
  5. Pancham

    SPOILERS! Poipole and Naganadel

    Poipole is the best designed Pokémon in Sun/Moon. It’s honestly the only reason that I pre-ordered my copy of Ultra S/M. Not sure how anyone could be disappointed by its beautiful design, but that’s not my problem to get over. It’s too bad that you can’t move to the other worlds where Poipole is...
  6. Pancham

    Media Books

    I recently read two terrific books: The Alchemist and An Ember in the Ashes. Pretty cool thatthis thread exists, I am actually looking for a new book to get into. I recently picked up one called we are the ants, but I am still kinda meh about it. Another one I picked up was Flamecaster, but...
  7. Pancham

    Sexual harassment of an allegedly under-aged girl.

    Sexual harassment of an allegedly under-aged girl.
  8. Pancham

    Hearthstone [IRC Channel #Skillstone]

    Freeze mage uses Ragnaros which has an ENG based effect (random target takes 8 dmg). You can lessen the RNG by clearing the opponent's side and have the only target be the hero tho
  9. Pancham

    Hearthstone [IRC Channel #Skillstone]

    Oh wow. I am so sorry for offending you with my negative criticism a few of your favorite cards in this expansion. However, let's be honest. Anu'Barak is too slow for any Rogue deck. I don't even see it having a spot in control Malygos Rogue, seeing as it has a pretty terrible body for the cost...
  10. Pancham

    2015 Musics - Join us at #Tunes

    New Lana Del Ray smash. #hype High by the Beach is really good tho. It kind of takes us back to her first album, which is a huge plus. Tho, I must admit, I loved the sound of Ultraviolence so much.
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    Serious US Election Thread (read post #2014)

    Down with Hilary, imo. Tbh tho, it is quite clear that the Republican nom wont go to Jeb Bush, Don Teump, or Carly Fiorina (even tho I love her tbh). The only other people I would vote for as Republican would be Marc Rubio and Kassich. Though, I do agree that the GoP needs to stop with their...
  12. Pancham

    Host signup thread for "Other Tier" series

    Hey hey. Unfortunately my boss did not give me August 16 off even though I requested it early (the day after I requested it here....). If there was anyone who wanted to take over for me I will highly appreciate it :( Kingler12345 maybe? :) or H&MBerkeley
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    Hearthstone [IRC Channel #Skillstone]

    Just got into this game last month and I am quite addicted. I slent a couple bucks to build my collection, and I have no regrets tbh. The new expansion definitely seems like it is trying to slow down the meta, what with the new Joust mechanics giving more in entive to not run aggro. Will be...
  14. Pancham

    Serious LGBTQ

    I might be the only gay male who feels this way, but I don't necessarily think marriage equality being legallized in the way it was is such a good thing. Really, we did nit gain any traction within the culture/society of USA, seeing as it was not legallized due to the public becoming more...
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    What kind of cellphone do you use?

    I just got me the new LG G4 last month and I am currently loving it. You do nit have to deal with the bloatware of Samsung products, dont have to deal with Apple being a shit company, and it is an Android which is fantastic. :) Also LG G4 has an amazing camera. What more could I want?
  16. Pancham

    Gmt -6. I can try wven after work. I get off at. Id ight my time. Before work is anything before...

    Gmt -6. I can try wven after work. I get off at. Id ight my time. Before work is anything before 4 my time
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    I am central time

    I am central time
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    Tomorrow before 4 would be best for me

    Tomorrow before 4 would be best for me
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    I went on vacation yo

    I went on vacation yo