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    Talonflame, Aegislash and Friends

    Yeah, it would OHKO, but I don't recall saying anywhere that Rotom-W is my counter to Charizard Y.
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    Talonflame, Aegislash and Friends

    Significant updates made to entire RTM. Team building and Move Set text has been revised and rewritten. Damage calculations added where appropriate. Additional Replays added.
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    Turnabout Returns!

    No, that is my bad. I didn't realize your set was Bulk Up. I thought you had it as Assault Vest with those EVs.
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    My first RMT! (a UU Beta Team)

    Don't be discouraged. From the tone of the first couple sentences in your RTM it sounds like you where hoping you could choose from a wider variety of Pokemon since you were building a team for the UU meta-game, and you can, don't get me wrong. However, in every tier there are going to be a...
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    Turnabout Returns!

    phoenixwright7, The EVs saffron195 suggest have a purpose. I would recommend using them. The 12 Def EVs are so that your Def is higher than your SDef. That ensures that Genesect with get a SAtk boost with Download since Download does not take into account the SDef boost from Assault Vest. I...
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    Talonflame, Aegislash and Friends

    @magic12 Thank you for taking the time to read and rate my RTM. You are 100% right about mixed Aegislash, it is a real issue. One possiblity would be Chesnaught in place of Conkeldurr, but then I will have more trouble with the likes of Genesect, Heatran and special attackers in general...
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    6th Gen OU Rate/Fix my team pleasee :3

    If you are going to use Pyroar you should change the ability to Unnerve and mentioned above and you should run duel STABs. Hyper Voice is a "sound" move so it will hit and do damage through Substitute. Then you should change the Hidden Power to Ground to wreak Heatran, who would otherwise wall...
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    X Gon Give It To Ya

    This team look pretty solid. I would recommend some changes to your sets though. First, would be swapping Energy Ball for Thunderbolt on Latios. Thunderbolt hits Togekiss and Mandibuzz hard, while still hitting Azumarill. Change your Aegislash to a Quiet nature with 252 in SAtk. You want to...
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    Knock it off! - OU Bulky Offense Team

    Swap you Dragonite with Assault Vest Conkeldurr. He is great against Rotom-W and Genesect, plus he can absorb status and get an attack boost at the same time. With that said, I would recommend that you pick one or two Pokes to run Knock Off on and add coverage moves in those slots for the...
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    A Tough Competitor - Essays on the Art of Quickstall

    I'm assuming the Oblivious ability showing on Slowbro is a typo, because it was the default ability on Showdown? That should be Regenerator, right? Or am I missing something?
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    Help needed here's what i have. (Revised)

    I'm going to be perfectly honest with you. If you seriously want a team that can be competitive against "fairy types or high defensive types" you will need to build a team specifically for competitive battling. In game teams that you have leveled up during regular gameplay just aren't powerful...
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    Team Yanmega in OU!

    Pipotchi I would recommend a few changes without completely starting from scratch. I will recommend these changes based on what I see as the offensive core of your team. So, these recommendations are what I believe would be better suited to fill in the gaps around Yanmega, Mega Blastoise and...
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    Balanced bulky offensive team - Tribute to Entei

    malomyotismon, I would recommend Thunderbolt over Roost on Latios. With Expert Belt it can be a very effective lure for the likes of Azumarill, Togekiss, and Mandibuzz if you can bluff the Choice Scarf effectively. It can be hard to find opportunities to use Defog and Roost in the same game...
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    Mississippi Gulf Coast

    Mississippi Gulf Coast
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    Alabama! We are neighbors! lol

    Alabama! We are neighbors! lol
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    Rate, Don't Laugh at this Lurker's first Competitive Team

    Replace Goodra with E-Belt Lati0s. You can still take a hit or two from Rotom-W, Mega Venesaur and Mega Charizard Y, but you have better offensive capabilities to check faster threats and you have access to defog. Latios @ Expert Belt Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd...
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    Talonflame, Aegislash and Friends

    aPandaCub, That does sound like a powerful offensive core. I assume you would run Reckless with Choice Scarf? It definitely move the play style to more of a towards Offensive since you loose the bulky steel type to take hits.
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    Talonflame, Aegislash and Friends

    Death The Cat, Thank you for your rate. Anything that can aid in taking down Charizard Y is definately a plus. It is definitely hitting its stride in popularity right now. If you had a choice between CB and SD which would you go with? I see that the CB set has a good chance to OHKO Y as...
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    The Guild

    aPandaCub DrSigmaFruit, Another alternative to ditching the Technician set would be to swap Leaf Storm for Magical Leaf, which is 60 bp and perfect for Technician. Plus if you are on the DS it has a sweet animation. Roserade @ Focus Sash Ability: Technician EVs: 4 HP 4 SDef / 252 SAtk / 252...
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    Talonflame, Aegislash and Friends

    You make a great point about the synergy Conkeldurr has with Talonflame, and now that you have mentioned it I am eager to test the CB set. Thanks for the rate aPandaCub, I will test these suggestions and come back with my results.