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  1. Twix

    PU PU Ladder Tournament - Cycle 1

    twix pult1xp twix yes
  2. Twix

    Metagame np: PU Stage 6 - Hate to see you K.O., Love to watch you leaf (storm) (Exeggutor-A Banned)

    just got reqs and i'm probably leaning a bit more to the ban side. specs eggy is probably the best set and is pretty unmatched in terms of wallbreaking. a lot of times you find yourself having to make the right prediction between draco/leaf storm/flamethrower, but the right pick almost always...
  3. Twix

    Tournament PUPL VII - Player Signups

    twix (reining PUPL III champion) gmt-5 all but mostly oras + usum i'll play
  4. Twix

    OURPL III - Week 4

    I’m not in this tournament
  5. Twix

    ye i'm not who you think i am lol

    ye i'm not who you think i am lol
  6. Twix

    Tournament The PU Low-Budget Tournament - won by Lugia Proto

    Yeah sorry I was on a trip you can take it my b
  7. Twix

    free basically everyday except tomorrow

    free basically everyday except tomorrow
  8. Twix

    Official USUM PU Suspect Process - Stage 2 Voting

    Passimian: Ban
  9. Twix

    PU Lycanroc-Midnight

  10. Twix

    PU Kecleon

  11. Twix

    PU Lapras (QC 3/3) (GP 2/2) Written

    3/3 idk where you got the idea that lapras 2hkos audino since it can live 2 and stall it out w wish 252+ SpA Choice Specs Lapras Hydro Pump vs. 248 HP / 252+ SpD Audino: 177-208 (43.2 - 50.8%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Leftovers recovery
  12. Twix

    PU Komala [Done]

    make these changes and i'll check again, since most are clarity things
  13. Twix


    qc: ? / ? / ? gp: ? / ? [OVERVIEW] Smeargle is one of the premier lead Pokemon in the tier due to its access to almost all moves, such as Spore, Sticky Web, and Stealth Rock, among others. Smeargle also has a decent Speed tier, allowing it to outpace common Stealth Rock users such as Aurorus...
  14. Twix

    PU C&C Reservation List - Read OP Before Posting [Writing standards update @289]

    Can I smeargle or is it too early u may, also reservations done to here -zard
  15. Twix

    Metagame PU Stage 2 (Passimian Suspect Test) - Alt Identification Thread

    confirming as blingblingboytwix shoutout Many for hail balance
  16. Twix

    PU Leafeon [GP 2/2]