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  1. inanimate blob

    Prize Claiming Thread MkII (MAQ March #10223)

    Trying again! Samurott [Samurshell] (F) (*) Samurshell is an absolute beast now! She likes to spar with the others using her huge unicorn horn. Nature: Quirky (No change to stats) Type: Water Abilities: Torrent Shell Armor (DW LOCKED) Stats: HP: 100 Atk: Rank 4 Def: Rank 3 SpA: Rank 4 SpD...
  2. inanimate blob

    Prize Claiming Thread MkII (MAQ March #10223)

    MY TRIUMPHANT RETURN is not very triumphant because I probably made lots of mistakes Samurott [Samurshell] (F) (*) Samurshell is an absolute beast now! She likes to spar with the others using her huge unicorn horn. Nature: Quirky (No change to stats) Type: Water Water: Water STAB; Can...
  3. inanimate blob

    Profiles Profile: inanimate blob

    Trainer Name: inanimate blob Pokemon: Samurott, Snorlax, Swadloon, Scrafty, Vigoroth, Dusclops, Magmar, Ninjask, Swinub, Oddish, Smeargle Currency Counters: 15 Universal Counters: 16 Items: 1 x Oran Berry 2 x Leppa Berry 2 x Cheri Berry 2 x Chesto Berry 1 x Pecha Berry 2 x Rawst Berry 2 x...
  4. inanimate blob

    Other Stall

    Dual screens stall is pretty hard to pull off - by picking Light Clay over Leftovers (or other Gen VI items), you miss out on a lot of decent options for items or consistent recovery. Typically, dual screeners need to have Regenerate or something that adds viability to switching out repeatedly -...
  5. inanimate blob

    XY Experiences

    Current team after clearing Lysandre's Lab. I'm having soooo many problems trying to decide what to use, there are just too many awesome Pokemon. ;.; Main Team: Greninja lvl. 56 Charizard X lvl. 56 Tyrantrum lvl. 55 Goodra lvl. 53 Trevenant lvl. 54 Sixth Slot Rotators: Klefki lvl. 50 Florges...
  6. inanimate blob

    Pokémon Vivillon

    Greninja could pair decently. The two have reasonable offensive synergy, seeing as Greninja could take care of the Fire and Rock Pokemon (and to a lesser extent, Ice resist) that could threaten Vivillon. One issue, though, it that still leaves Fairy and Electric between the two of them. However...
  7. inanimate blob

    XY Experiences

    Nah, unfortunately. Apparently he learns Moonblast by Move Relearner, but currently mine's moveset is Wish/Nature Power/Petal Storm/Fairy Wind. Moonblast will be helpful, but I might just end up swapping him out for a Klefki or something. I definitely am going to keep a Fairy type, though...
  8. inanimate blob

    Sticky Have a question? Ask it here! (NOT SM QUESTIONS)

    He may not learn much by level-up, but there are some great TMs available, so he'll never really be running low on Fighting-type moves.
  9. inanimate blob

    XY Experiences

    I've been having some fun with this team. I've noticed I'll sometimes forget to switch out my leader for a while...for instance, I haven't used my Florges for ages. Here's my current team, still looking for a 6th and probably subbing out Florges and Raichu soon: Greninja lv. 39 Charizard X lvl...
  10. inanimate blob

    Vivillon Collection

    Live in SC, can confirm the Modern form.
  11. inanimate blob

    Pokémon Tyrantrum

    His Dragon typing is also more of a liability, even if it gives it useful resistances. I think this thing will be similar to Heracross's role in UU - it's one of the top tier threats, and under the right circumstances it can sweep in OU simply because of it's base power and stats, but overall it...
  12. inanimate blob

    Other Looking Ahead to Gen VI Mark II (SEE POSTS #818 & #858)

    I wouldn't say Ice got the short end of the stick, and the same can even apply to Grass types...Ice got Freeze Dry, which improves coverage even more, and Grass got the anti-powder abilities. I'd say the type that got hit the worst this generation is Bug - Fire gained a new resist, and Steel...
  13. inanimate blob

    Battle Mechanics Research

    In the case of a Grass-type given the ability Magic Bounce via Skill Swap or something, will a powder move be reflected or absorbed?
  14. inanimate blob

    Pokémon XY Leaks

    I believe it's like Red and Blue where you get to pick again.
  15. inanimate blob

    Pokémon XY Leaks

    When it opens in'd be a little funny if they released a free trial while we couldn't use it.
  16. inanimate blob

    Pokémon XY Leaks

    Well, at least Shadow Ball had a secondary effect...this is more like special Fairy Strength, but even then Strength has applications outside of battle.
  17. inanimate blob

    Pokémon XY Leaks

    A little outdated since the conversation has shifted but...there is a French wolf myth, the Beast of Gévaudan. It's a story similar to other wolf myths - a bunch of wolves terrorize villagers, then some hunter comes in after all hope has been lost and kills the beast with a silver bullet...
  18. inanimate blob

    Pokémon XY Leaks

  19. inanimate blob

    Pokémon XY Leaks

    Now I feel obligated to get a Diggersby, I can't stop looking at his sick stash.
  20. inanimate blob

    Pokémon XY Leaks

    I just realized something...this is one of the first times EVER that Japan hasn't been the people leaking all of the games. What a strange time to be alive.