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  1. The Everything NFL Thread - 2013-2014 Edition

    Wut. Tom Brady gets the benefit of the doubt because he is Tom Fucking Brady. He lost his best receiver and his two pro-bowl TEs. Joe Flacco doesn't get the benefit of the doubt because he isn't Tom Fucking Brady. If Tom Brady were to retire today do you want to know what Joe Flacco would have...
  2. The Everything NFL Thread - 2013-2014 Edition

    They stay leaving Boldin open. Dude is unstoppable.
  3. The Everything NFL Thread - 2013-2014 Edition

    I learned that Tony Gonzales and Jimmy Graham used to play basketball in college.
  4. The Everything NFL Thread - 2013-2014 Edition

    Even though I think he is right about Manziel he still managed to make it stupid. Notice he said Tebow THREE point O. Ask him who Tebow 2.0 is. I'm sure the answer is stupid.
  5. MLB 2013 Season Thread

    This sentiment is some straight up nationalistic bullshit. This isn't Sadaharu Oh who never played a game in the MLB. This is a guy who proved that if he had been in the MLB instead of in Japan he would have had about the same success. He's been in the MLB for 13 years now. No player in MLB...
  6. MLB 2013 Season Thread

    Yeah, Braves fans are pretty classless. They're up like 16 games and they are more concerned with how "punchable"* Harper's face is than how their team is playing. From looking at message boards I would wager that this season Braves fans have typed Harper ten to twenty times more than Nats fans...
  7. do you put ketchup on your eggs

    Y'all are a mess if you think ketchup is ruining scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs are the Luvdisc of eggs and ketchup is the only thing that can save them. Every other way you can prepare eggs, yes, ketchup ruins them as it does all good food.
  8. The Everything NFL Thread - 2013-2014 Edition
  9. Serious Zimmerman Acquitted

    If race is not the problem why is Marissa Alexander set to serve 20 years for firing a warning shot at her abusive husband?
  10. Serious Zimmerman Acquitted

    Except the Scott case was not the Zimmerman case with races reversed. The cases were completely different. You can take a condescending tone all you want it doesn't make you any more right or your argument sound any less stupid. Verdicts are based on the particulars of the case. There are people...
  11. Serious Zimmerman Acquitted

    I get that people who want to bury their head in the sand and deny that institutional racism exists need this case to be the reverse race version of the Zimerman case but it isn't. Quick rundown of the differences: Zimmerman treated Martin as a criminal because of racial profiling. Scott treated...
  12. Serious Zimmerman Acquitted

    elcheeso said everything I wanted to say but was too dumb/angry to do so. Great posts. I saw a comment the other day from an Asian American girl who said she believes that race is only an issue because black people constantly bring it up and segregate themselves with HBCU's etc. One person...
  13. Serious Zimmerman Acquitted

    You really think racism stems from a small number of radical people like Al Sharpton and not widespread prejudice? @Outlaw: You got me. I think ignorance is bad so clearly I am a feminist who wants all straight white males to be ashamed of themselves.
  14. Serious Zimmerman Acquitted

    I really tried to think of a way to respond to your shit, DK but it really doesn't matter what anyone says because you just plug your ears and say, "You just call anyone who doesn't agree with you a racist!" You constantly post ridiculously bigoted and hurtful arguments and people call you out...
  15. Serious Zimmerman Acquitted

    That is a five star buffet of ignorance and bigotry, DK. You seriously linked to an article that basically said, "that Negro would still be alive if he was just in jail where he belonged." The reason this case is a racial issue is because the defense and the media painted Martin as a low-life...
  16. The Everything NFL Thread - 2013-2014 Edition

    The sample size is so small in the NFL that arguments of "clutchness" are pretty weak. Regardless of sample size, is a QB that wins games on the last drive better than a QB who steamrolls the competition for 60 minutes?
  17. The Everything NFL Thread - 2013-2014 Edition

    That stat isolates Ryan's performance from his defense but not from his team mates on offense which is what we were talking about.
  18. The Everything NFL Thread - 2013-2014 Edition

    @some hero I had you on ignore on the old forums. gotta figure out how to do that again. You seriously just said that Alfred Morris was better than Jones/White/Gonzales. That may be the dumbest thing you have EVER posted. These aren't just two good receivers. They're probably both top 5 in the...
  19. The Everything NFL Thread - 2013-2014 Edition

    Matt Ryan is so overrated. The dude has two of the top five WRs in the league and the greatest TE of all time. The top four of Manning, Brady, Rodgers, and Brees is pretty much a given. No one else is on that level. We give too much credit to mediocre guys who win Super Bowls. Do you really...
  20. Pick your wife

    Is hairy legs really supposed to be a deal breaker on the same level as tats of another man, gingivitis, and silent sex? And she's the best looking girl too? I think this could be a decent fun thought exercise to learn what is important to you but the choices aren't balanced at all. I'm...