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  1. Red Vox

    love the name + icon

    love the name + icon
  2. Red Vox

    Social Neurodiversity

    I was diagnosed with level 2 autism (alongside some other stuff but that's besides the point) about a week before I turned 14, but I had known something was up since I was about 10 or 11. Growing up I was always the smartest in my classes by a landslide, albeit a bit quirky. Obviously autism...
  3. Red Vox

    Social Where is your nick from?

    Red Vox is the name of my favorite band, but my username on just about everything else (Impcent) is a combination of Vincent (my name lol) and imp (my entire online presence has revolved around imps for years) Funnily enough, I also have the same first name as the lead singer/guitarist/frontman...