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  1. divine.lathe

    Resource Draft League Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    do you know if such tiers will be made available soon? kind of at a standstill in my natdex league rn & dont wanna put things on hold unless some pre-dlc2 format becomes usable
  2. divine.lathe

    Social If you could tell your younger self something what would would it be?

    that its okay to have to depend on people sometimes. that hyperindependence will get you nowhere fast. that you cant do everything yourself, & if you try, youll end up much worse off for it im a pretty disabled creature in a number of ways. one of the more impactful ways is that im bedbound...
  3. divine.lathe

    Media Your favourite albums?

    my top 100 of the year so far :> still subject to change but tbh idk if ill be able to listen to much other than jane remover for the rest of the year lmao (sorry the titles are small, you can blame king gizzard for that,,,,,)
  4. divine.lathe

    its my #2 :3 insanely good album

    its my #2 :3 insanely good album
  5. divine.lathe

    Format Discussion Scarlet/Violet Random Battle Sets

    sheer force doesnt affect any of those moves (assuming thats superpower on the left) so sheer force would be useless
  6. divine.lathe

    Media 2023 Music Obsessions

    cant get away from jane removers new album,,, ill probably be fixated on it for a Long while. a cruel fate for all other music coming out in late 2023 kjdfkjdf ive got a "best of" playlist for 2023 as well :3 been a good year!!
  7. divine.lathe

    yeule reference spotted

    yeule reference spotted
  8. divine.lathe

    Social Neurodiversity

    i feel much the same :< hypervigilance is something ive always dealt with. much of it for me definitely stems from being autistic & having social anxiety, but especially when talking about outside contexts, agoraphobia doesnt help either. i feel so unsafe or at the least uncomfortable in most...