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  1. SV UU Metagame Discussion - Teal Mask Edition

    In my honest opinion, ceru is far from banworthy, even with polt it's seemed manageable
  2. SV UU Metagame Discussion - Teal Mask Edition

    We have finally achieved pre-home OU status.
  3. SCL III - Player Signups [USE THE FORM LINKED IN THE OP TO SIGN UP] [Auction September 17th @ 2 PM GMT -4]

    User name: seiuqq Tiers NOT Played (binding) SV OU, SV Ubers, SV DOU, SV NU, SV PU, SV LC, None Tiers Preferred (not binding) SV UU, SV RU Time Zone GMT+5.5
  4. The UU Open XII - Signups

  5. Resource Pet Mods Submissions Thread

    So, this is my concept submission, it's pretty cool! I don't have a council, but I'll try and find people soon. Name: [Gen 9] Pokemon Chrome <tiername> Short Description: CHR in the name stands for Pokemon Chrome, a conceptual fan game. It has all tiers from Uber through RU with a dex I've...
  6. Scarlet and Violet UU Viability Rankings

    So, just gonna say, MY BOY BRUTE BONNET DESERVES BETTER. It's won me a lot of different games, using it on stall, sun, etc. It's GREAT, seriously deserving of atleast B-. C is way too harsh on it & it's appreciating extra usage now that Iron Hands is banned EDIT: Maus can start running bullet...
  7. Project SV UU Personal Viability Rankings

    Gallade & Bisharp deserve to be much better. They are staples (as far as I know). Tinkaton as well. EDIT: grafaiai sucks. Anti-lead it with bisharp means you autowin the game (unless they have quag, but thats another issue, bisharp & bonnet REMOVE it)
  8. np: SV UU Stage 2 - Atomic Karate

    FREAKING ROBOTIC FAT GUY Either: - Nerf Urself - get the HECK outta my home - also does it survive gallade's scarf psycho cut?
  9. CAP 29 - Final Product & Playtesting (Submit Your Replays & Teams Here!)

    I really wanna talk about the potential Chromera has. Honestly, access to Boomburst and a good enough SpA makes it GREAT. Design-wise I love the Sphinx idea, and this fits for a great box art leg.