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    Memes You Made

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    Are you staying hydrated?

    Thanks I forgot to drink water and this post reminded me to
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    Your Evil Team

    Team: Shadow Spar It would be based on mixed martial arts (mma). They would train in shady gyms along with their Pokemon. They specialize in fighting types. They are after bet money, i.e they'd enter leagues with their Pokemon and a group will collect bets behind the screen. The trainers would...
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    What's your resolutions for 2020?

    I will try to spend atleast 2 hrs in Gym after Exams are over (March). My body building role model is Vin Diesel. Will try to control anger Play some games which aren't Nintendo (God of War, Watch Dogs etc.) So what's yours?
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    Your political stand

    Here is political compass test which helps you realise if you're a Authoritarian/Libertarian and whether you lean left/right wing And here is political scale test. So, I'm a left authoritarian. Mainly because I don't like the ideology of right wing. Also, liberalism leads to anarchy so I...
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    what kinds of a person are you?

    (Lol I posted a political compass test in this thread by mistake:P) So, this is a personality test that takes 10 minutes I'm a debater ENTP-T
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    SS OU Gen 8 Ice,Grass,Ghost,Fairy team

    I normally use Aguav berry. What I'm coming at is that whenever I use Destiny Bond the opponents realise it most of the time and switch pokémons which makes it fail.
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    SS OU Gen 8 Ice,Grass,Ghost,Fairy team

    I have tried to use destiny bond (Gengar) in many Gen7 games before. But it doesn't work very good. why is it so?
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    SS OU Gen 8 Ice,Grass,Ghost,Fairy team

    I've signed up for a Christmas competition which allows ONLY Grass/Ice/Ghost/ Fairy (atleast partially) Ludicolo Ability: Swift Swim EVs: 36 HP / 252 Atk / 108 Def / 112 SpD - Bullet Seed - Protect - Scald - Knock Off As usual I've included a multi hit attack- Bullet Seed. I'm really...
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    What do you do on sick days?

    I mostly stay in bed and chat with friends.
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    Media Videogame thread

    Anyone plays Legend of Zelda? I'm currently playing twilight princess.
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    The "hi", therapeutic thread

    :bloblul: Hi! Welcome here.
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    SM OU Dual type team

    I use drill peck against bug type Thank you! I've removed Garchompite and included agauv berry now Then how could I counter normal and dark types? Especially Blissey
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    I live in Chennai:)

    I live in Chennai:)
  16. Giri

    And I assume you know I'm from India too.

    And I assume you know I'm from India too.
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    I see...You are a fan of cricket! :blobthumbsup:

    I see...You are a fan of cricket! :blobthumbsup: