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  1. SturdyShedinja

    You are a type specialist in a hostile region. How do you best represent your chosen element?

    :rs/qwilfish: :rs/murkrow: :rs/misdreavus: :rs/crobat: :rs/vileplume: :rs/tyranitar: Movesets here! In the early gens, the dark type has a reputation for being an annoying and stally type due to the mediocre stats and lack of good STAB options available to most darks. To honor this tradition...
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    Unpopular opinions

    The AI in RBY chooses its move after the player does. If you switch out, say, a ground type for a water type, the "good AI" trainers would click thunderbolt over blizzard, even though that's obviously a terrible move for the original target. More than anything, I'd love to see boss trainers...
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    Pet Mod Natural Selection (Slate 1 Playtesting Phase)

    :kingambit: - Knookout (anaconja), Kniyett (PalpitoadChamp), Rookada (Tanny89k) :iron-hands: - Iron Blimp (DuoM2) :dragapult: - Cragapult (sv), Dragaplunge (Gravity Monkey), Thundapult (Beef Cultist) :slurpuff: - Sourpuff (DenebStargazer), Puffache (Mossy Sandwich), Mosspuff (PalpitoadChamp)...
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    SPOILERS! Mysteries and Conspiracies of Pokemon

    This has been bothering me for a while, but why do the opposite version's paradox pokemon have dex entries? It makes sense out of universe as a way of encouraging trades and multiplayer, but there's no reason for anyone in-universe to believe that the paradoxes are real, let alone to include...
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    Metagame SV UU Metagame Discussion - The Indigo Disk

    These shifts are absolutely absurd, so I wanted to give my rough one-liners first impressions Overall, there are a lot of very strong options, but also some interesting mons I'm looking forward to using once the tier settles a bit
  6. SturdyShedinja

    SV UU Metagame Discussion - Teal Mask Edition

    Now that showdown is live, I may as well put all of my thoughts in one place It's still early for me so there's a good chance I missed something, but I'm looking forward to seeing how these moves impact the meta
  7. SturdyShedinja

    The Best and Worst Boss Fights in Pokemon

    I think Evice from pokemon colosseum is the only boss fight in the series I'd criticize for being too difficult. On it's own merits, the team is incredible. DD salamence is a menace, SD pass scizor can be devastating to teams without a fire move, and of course, slaking + skill swap is a...
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    SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet Leaks Thread - Data/Mechanics

    Tbf, king's shield isn't callable by metronome, but that's because it's a protect clone, not because it's a signature move. That being said, I agree that it would be strange to just randomly give it to zamazenta with how much it's tied to aegislash's mechanics. So this isn't a one-liner, it'll...
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    Ultimate Favorite Pokemon Picker!

    This took so much longer than I expected lol
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    Who is your default Pokemon?

    :bw/tyrogue: That’s one more time I thought about tyrogue today than I expected
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    Pokémon that exceeded your expectations in-game despite looking bad initially?

    :bw/audino: I tried audino on a whim in a recent playthrough of Pokemon Black just so I could mess around with the reusable tms more and it really suprised me. Being stuck with double slap at the start was annoying, but once it got secret power and later return it was doing pretty respectable...
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    What if every Pokémon type had a dedicated mascot?

    I feel like most of these are pretty safe picks, but I thought it was still interesting enough to warrant a post. Overall, there's a pretty heavy bias towards kanto and johto, since those are the regions where players would first encounter and build associations...
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    Little things you like about Pokémon

    It’s also worth mentioning that the Scarlet dex entry of foongus says “There is a theory that the developer of the modern-day Poké Ball really liked Foongus, but this has not been confirmed.” It’s not a direct confirmation, but it makes it seem more likely that the pokemon came first imo
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    SV UU Metagame Discussion - Teal Mask Edition

    :kommo-o: Not much to say that hasn't been said already, with the right set or tera it can just circumvent most of it's checks. Please ban this thing :ceruledge: Sash sets can get out of hand way too easily and even with all of the new defensive tools, not much can actually eat it's STABs. It's...
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    You are a type specialist in a hostile region. How do you best represent your chosen element?

    I haven't had much time to participate in these recently with school starting back up, but it's been one of my favorite threads to scroll through and I always enjoy seeing what people can come up with! Please give this a shot if you haven't already, I'd love to see your ideas! :aurorus...
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    SV UU Metagame Discussion - Teal Mask Edition

    Thoughts on the new drops aka the record for most one liners in a single post I'm looking forward to see how the new meta shapes up, we got a ton of interesting options to play around with. Thank you for reading this far!
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    Sticky Orange Islands SQSA Thread

    Can you get white-striped basculin from any basculin egg if you hatch it in kitikami? I know you can get regular tauros and wooper from eggs, but since basculin technically isn’t a regional form, I wasn’t sure if that was true for it too.
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    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    Weirdly enough, silvally got the pledges in Gen 7 too, even though by the time you get one, you probably already have the flamethrower and surf tms. I guess it’s technically it’s only grass coverage, but why would you use them outside of the gimmicky doubles effects?
  19. SturdyShedinja

    SV UU Metagame Discussion

    :quaquaval: I don’t have much to add that people haven’t already said. With the right Tera and moves, it can circumvent all of its usual counterplay. Please ban this :ceruledge: I haven’t seen or built with it enough to form any strong opinions. CC vs sneak and weak armor mindgames seem...